The Unique You By Matthew Horne

“There’s nothing wrong with admiration of others and vicarious living, but your highest level of fulfillment is in being in tune with your unique self. Be you.” – Matthew C. Horne

I recently was approached by a prospective author who wanted me to review some of their self-development book outlines. I promised this person I would take an objective look at their materials and get back to them. From the book titles to the body of each outline, the works were reminiscent of author’s past with no true original touch. When giving feedback to the prospective author I pointed this out and let them know their best bet was to scratch each outline and start over from a place of originality. Also, I let the prospective author know that the world is not looking for another book with recycled information, rather original captivating material to help them delve into realms which were once unreachable.