Fortune Favors the Brave By Brian Tracy

Brian Tracy - motivational speaker and authorBoldness is a necessary part of courage but it must be a boldness based on an intelligent assessment of the potential risks and rewards. The wonderful nature of boldness is that, properly directed, it builds the habit of courage in the person who practices it.

Act Boldly in Every Situation…
In my experience, any virtue translated into action leads almost invariably to positive results. This applies to integrity, persistence, courtesy, love and courage. I’ve always liked the advice of an old man to his grandson. “Act boldly and unseen forces will come to your aid.”

Proud to be a Pollyanna By Joe Tye

Joe TyeI recently was conducting a series of programs on values-based leadership for an organization and, as I always do, talked about our responsibility to eradicate toxic emotional negativity (as reflected in gratuitous complaining, gossiping, and the like). Afterward, someone told me that I was “a Pollyanna.”

I took that as a tremendous compliment. I suggested that this person go back and read the book, or watch the movie. Pollyanna came into a community that was filled with pain, hate, and fractured relationships; she brought healing, love, and reconciliation. And just what, exactly, is wrong with that?