Money By TB Wright

Money isn’t what most people think it is, and that’s why they don’t have more of it. The one thing you have to shift in your thinking about money is the thought that it’s static, because it’s not. Money is not like rocks, yet most people treat it that way. Money flows and money grows, and if you think any other way about it, then money goes.

The Success Equation And The Seven Myths About Manifesting Abundance By Linda Zander

We’ve heard it all a million times: the various secrets of how to manifest lives of abundance. Every “Guru” has their own angle; a singular approach to manifesting that we’ve all tried. And yet, in spite of the countless Gurus offering books, programs, products, etc that espouse the “secret to manifesting” we are in the biggest Global economic and well-being crisis since the Great Depression.

What does that say?  That somehow we, as brilliant and intelligent human beings have failed the “secrets” that have been taught to us?  I know this is not true.