4 Strategies for Staying Motivated

Every accomplishment begins with a decision to try quoteWhat does it mean to be motivated? Does it mean that I will feel super enthusiastic about a Goal? Or does it mean that I finally have a vision on where I want to go, and I get to share it with my fellow man?

When it comes to motivation we may feel that we are ready to take on the world at times. At other times, we may not feel motivated because we don’t motivate ourselves. We get in the downward spiral telling ourselves that we cannot do it. We tell ourselves we will fail and everyone will laugh at us.

I know that we can continually feel motivated to do the things that we desire only if we always continuously build momentum. Do things everyday that will keep you motivated. Make these things a priority in your life.

Everyday you must motivate yourself. Find things in your life that will allow you to get to the spot that you want to be in.

4 Tasks that will keep you motivated

1) Get enough sleep

I know this might feel counter intuitive, but it is not. Sleep is so important for your cognitive abilities. If you get adequate sleep your mood changes. Your brain and your body changes. Sleep is the #1 thing that will help you maintain a longer focus. Make sure that you get enough of it.

2) Have mini goals to get to your main goal

Here is a concept that I have come up with that has helped me a tremendous amount to stay motivated. Find one incredible goal that you want to accomplish in your life time. Say for example the goal is to complete a spartan beast race like me. This goal may not be possible if you are not working out daily or building endurance so make mini goals daily to achieve them. Start by working on it daily. Start working out for the next 10 days 10 minutes a day. Then in the next day make it 20 minutes for 20 days & track your progress each day. Build that constant momentum until you can do what Spartan racers do. Have one big goal in mind and make mini goals to get to that spot.

3) Set up accountability

This one has to be the biggest struggle for me because I always fear failing my accountability partner & that is why I don’t have one. It is actually quiet hilarious. I have begun using social media as my accountability. Whenever I read or do something, I post and talk about it so I create a habit. This habit will force me to do my task everyday because I know that people are expecting me to post motivational content on all my media.

4) Find your inspiration

What is it that inspires you? Is it that act of giving that inspires you or is it when you surround yourself with successful people? Maybe success stories help you. I know that when I read inspirational stories of business success it motivates me to no end. I know that when I watch motivational videos it also inspires me. This inspiration can fuel you to take action, so go out and find your inspiration.
Fabian Ramirez is am a Motivator. He writes about Motivation, Positive Mindset, & is dedicated to inspiring people to become better. He is the CEO of a motivational T-shirt brand called Motivation Daily. They want to help you improve your life.