Action Breeds Motivation – Getting Things Done Is The Key To Doing More

James Frankton motivational expertThere’s a popular saying that goes something along the lines of “a rolling stone gathers no moss.” While some have argued that this proverb is about the unwillingness of some to commit long-term to anything, the most popular interpretation is that a person who is active in life does not have the chance to stagnate. Rolling stones extract more out of each precious moment they have on earth.

This fascinating notion can be applied directly to the concept of taking action; people who are already action-takers are more likely to be motivated and get stuff done. A person who fits the description of a rolling stone doesn’t stagnate, because their ability to be productive, energetic, and prone to taking action encourages them to attain further heights.

Basically, if you are a real go-getter, then chances are you are going to be inherently motivated than an “Average Joe” … and a big source of this motivation is due to your propensity to haul ass and get stuff done!

If you struggle with issues such as procrastination in your life, then a big part of the solution should be immediately apparent: You need to force yourself to get things done now. You can then let the good vibes and positivity you derive from your activity manifest into greater motivation to accomplish things down the track.

Unfortunately, it can be so easy to pass the hours in a day without actually accomplishing anything meaningful. Chances are that when you wake up in the morning, you probably have a fairly reasonable idea of what you want to achieve. But by the time you hop into bed at night you feel disappointed that you haven’t accomplished what you had hoped, and this sets you up with a negative mindset for the following day.

By ensuring that you take action and accomplish daily goals, you can reverse those feelings of negativity and despondency that come from not having done what you wanted.

Here’s a simple step-by-step formula you can use, in order to help action breed motivation in your life:

1. Decide on something that you need to complete/achieve within the next 24 hours. For example, you might want to go to for your first run of the season, or start research for a college term paper. I suggest starting small here, and avoid the temptation to bite off more than you can chew.

2. Force yourself to get up and get it done. Sometimes you just have to force yourself to take action, against your own will. Put aside whatever is distracting you, throw away the fear of failure, and try your hardest to get it done.

3. Bask in the “warm fuzzies” that come along with taking real, meaningful action – and feel more motivated.

4. Use this new found motivation and positivity as a springboard to accomplish more.

5. Enjoy becoming a rolling stone who always gets stuff done and who exudes an irrepressible energy for life.

The concept that action breeds motivation is actually very similar to the way compounding interest works. Every dollar you put in the bank now (and save) will earn you interest upon its interest in the future. Wise investors and savers have harnessed the power of compounding interest for decades, in order to grow impressive wealth from often very modest means.

Every action you take now (whether it’s something as simple as going for a run, or researching for your next) is going to pay compound dividends in the future. Wise people have long since realized that the fastest path to consistently taking action is to put activity in the bank now, and use the “interest” from that to grow one’s ability to accomplish more and feel motivated.

In conclusion, I want to leave you with this simple statement: The more action you take in the course of your daily life, the more likely you are to take even more action and achieve a greater amount in the future. This concept is echoed in Mahatma Gandhi’s famous quote that ‘the future depends on what you do today.’

When you actively strive towards getting things done, you feel motivated because you see the positive effects of action-taking in your life. This motivation manifests as a powerful force of achievement, which can carry you amazing places in life.

Therefore, if you ever find yourself struggling with the negative effects of procrastination or laziness, remind yourself that by getting something done now you will increase your chances of doing more in the future. The verdict is clear – action breeds motivation, and sets you up to achieve well in life.
James Frankton is a time management and motivation blogger at – visit his site for more advice about getting the most out of life.