You Are More Amazing Than You Realize

Joseph BernardYou have within you nearly infinite resources. I thought it might be helpful to remind you about all the on-board assets you have working for you.

You have a body, mind, heart and soul built to create the life you want. Your body can go and go. Your mind can keep expanding. Your heart is unlimited in its capacity to love and give. Your soul carries the keys to all the wisdom and understanding available in the Universe.

Let’s take a look at each of these four aspects of who you are and the potential you have waiting for you to be explored and expressed.

1. Your body is a gift of possibilities. If you care for it, it will take you everywhere you need to go in life.

The body is your primary vehicle so fuel it properly. Keep it well tuned and give it all the rest it needs.

The body loves to walk. Going for regular walks will enhance your life in multiple ways. When you walk in awareness you deepen your self-understanding while releasing stress. When you tune into the world as you walk you see your connection to the beauty and wonder of nature and all of life. This connection expands your sense of what is possible.

Your body’s knowing is a reliable information system as to how you are doing. The mind can make things up and rationalize but your body just tells you how things are.

Trusting your gut instincts works much better than trusting your ego-mind. (More on the ego-mind coming in the following section)

2. Your mind is a thinking, learning, idea-generating, planning, and creative power tool. Your mental capacities are at their best when you are fully present to what you are doing.

A busy mind is too often a distracted mind mired in the past or obsessing about the future. This kind of mind limits your possibilities.

There are basically two different levels of mental functioning. One level is the ego-mind. It functions for the purpose of survival. This mind is run by fear and is constantly searching for more power and control. The ego-mind runs the world and creates a mess of it.

The second form of mind can be called Higher Mind or Big Mind. It has a higher mind capacity free of fear, sees the whole picture, is the source of creativity and is where insights and human wisdom reside. This mind is the one you want to guide your life.

You can access higher mind functioning by slowing down, listening inward, meditating, journal writing, contemplative prayer and other inner focused practices. In this mind you are free to imagine and create the life you desire.

What you think shapes all your experiences of life. If you have an open and optimistic mind, life works so much better. Abraham Lincoln said, ”People are about as happy as they think they are.”

3. Your heart has an endless capacity for love, compassion, kindness, acceptance and caring. It is also the place of courage, of passion, of inspiration and of connection to all others.

Your heart center is also your feeling center. Your feelings are a direct feedback system about if your life is on track or off track.

If things don’t feel right they probably aren’t. If they feel right then keep doing what you are doing.

Use your heart to bring passion to what you do, to call courage forward in difficult times, to deepen your connection to all those that matter to you. There are no known limits to all the heart can do.

You can either be open or closed in your heart. In essence, there are two basic feelings love and fear. All other feelings are subsets of those two. When love is present you are open and expansive. When fear is there, you are closed and contracted. If you choose love you can do anything.

4. Your Soul (others may call it your Spirit) is your life force. Your soul is infinite and eternal. The most powerful guiding force directly available to you is your soul.

Your highest nature is your soul. The soul knows. It has direct access to the wisdom of all souls and to the creative force of the Universe.

You have this wisdom source always available to guide and inspire your life. When you tap into this inner knowing, you always know what you need to know.

Go inside and listen and be guided. As you do, you will see it is a direct doorway into all the light, love, joy and peace you will ever need.

I hope you are inspired to explore these four aspects of your nature. If you do everything will shift to higher levels of realization and fulfillment.
Joseph Bernard, Ph.D. I offer consultations to encourage your fullest expression, a blog and two recent books – Awaken: 100 Questions To Expand Your Mind and Open Your Heart and Finding The Voice Of The Soul.