Success Lesson: Developing Organic Relationships

Early Jackson - motivational speaker & authorOrganic products seem to be the in thing right now. Take a stroll through any of your local markets or grocery stores and you will see an army of products that include the healthiest ingredients and of course, they are organically grown.

In this post I want to focus not on your physical health in regards to organic items, but the importance of allowing networking relationships to blossom into an organic thing so you can really reap a benefit from all the people you know.

First, understand that the definition of organic is very simple. Webster defines organic as “of, relating to, or derived from living organisms; without the use of chemicals or pesticides”. This speaks volumes considering the bulk of all our communications today consist of texts and emails.

Don’t get me wrong, I literally live with a BlackBerry attached to me, but at the same time I recognize the importance of real, one-on-one communication with people outside of cyber world. This can be a significant challenge today with the hours that we work the commute back and forth and our many commitments to other things.

But I want to challenge us to step outside the box and make a conscious effort to cultivate REAL relationships with REAL people face to face. This becomes compounded when we hit a patch where we need encouragement or some form of support. If all you have are cyber relationships it is that much harder to stay afloat.

We all, according to Maslow’s laws of human need, require both safety and social support. We all have stories where we had our heads hung down and then a friend or colleague came through with real physical contact and it changed our perspective. Never under-estimate the force of your network system.

It can be the difference between success and failure. In fact, those interviewed who would be considered top performers in major corporations acknowledge the majority of their success is directly related to the support/encouragement they received from managers and peers.

I want us to understand the following four points that show the value in an Organic Relationship.

(1) Organic Relationships cause unlikely and profitable connections. Have you noticed how valuable Taco Bell, KFC & Pizza Hut have become since the merging of their efforts years ago? Alone, neither of them saw major increase, but together they are cutting costs and reaping rewards. Search for those who you could link up with for a greater return.

(2) Organic Relationships begin to expand frontiers that were not seen before. Much like the early settlers expanding west, you and I together can collaborate and not only double our efforts but cut the success time in half.

(3) Organic Relationships create combustible breakthroughs in areas conceived to be impossible. When Bill Proctor and James Gamble met after marrying sisters they had a vision to create a soap that could float. With a majority of military contracts acquired they were able to launch into the other industries and cause breakthrough research that has amassed millions.

(4) Organic Relationships foster and nurture a culture of understanding and tolerance. Everyone needs to be heard and acknowledged. Ralph Sockman said “The test of courage comes when we are the minority but the test of tolerance comes when we are majority”. I believe he was saying it takes the right environment to foster growth and innovation. This environment is only achieved through organic relationships.

So there you have it. The question now becomes, how are we to maximize the wealth of contacts, leads and networks we are exposed to everyday. I encourage you to set aside a little time each week to speak face to face with those you consider valuable and let the organic growth bloom! Put the devices away and interface with a friend.

See you at the TOP!

Early Jackson
Early L. Jackson Jr., is a successful life coach, speaker, and author. He has a special ability to build leaders, while developing people to a life of happiness, with deep, lasting satisfaction and fulfillment. His overarching belief “If we are to exercise our full status and potential in this life we must be retrained in our daily behavior and mind sets” is a prevalent and recurring theme in his teachings. Visit him at

-what are some ways you foster greater connection through communication?