Your Positive Self Talk And Thinking Matters

The importance of self talk is nothing new, and I am sure that you have heard about it before. For the past 20 years of my learning and growing with personal development leaders, teachers, and friends, one thing remains so apparent — the idea that we become what we think about.

Do you realize that 90% of our thoughts are unconscious, we don’t even know we are having these “Little Conversations” with ourselves. This self talk and or self thought is so powerful and controlling it is unbelievable.

The mass of the population believe they are speaking to themselves in a positive manner, but they are doing the exact opposite. I have just recently finished Ryan C. Lowe’s book called Get Off Your Attitude. If you have not had the honor of reading his book, please do yourself a favor and get it. What an amazing read.

In his book, he discusses self talk and he has a paragraph that I would love to share and discuss in further detail — it goes like this:

“I was once told by a friend.”You know, there’s no way I would let other people say to me what I say to myself. I wouldn’t let other people call me fat or ugly, but that’s what I call myself all day long.”

Now, before you go any further, please just digest that for a moment and apply it to your life. What do you say to yourself when no one else but the most important person in your life is listening… YOU?

Are you critical of the things you do? Do you say you can be better but when the time comes to do it, you retract all the positive things you “say” you believe? Do you ever do just as Ryan’s friend says he does, do you say things to yourself that you would never in a million years let others say to you?

These are really deep questions aren’t they? The second big realization of this is that the single biggest law of this universe, you know the law that says “You become what you think about” and if we are thinking the complete opposite of what we should be thinking, then why are we so surprised when more of the “same” comes to us?

I took this page on Ryan’s book and had to re-read it about 100 times. The information we get in books – I know, I have said it almost daily in my life speaking with people, BUT I will say it again. The information we get in books is so valuable but yet most do nothing with it.

By reading this paragraph in Ryan’s book, it sparked so many thoughts, beliefs, and internal questions that were really difficult to ask. The funny thing and the thing that I always seem to come back to is that this page was all about exercise. The friend of Ryan’s was discussing how he wanted to lose weight, nothing more! In reality though, he was sharing a lot more than a simple statement. He has given us a new thought that if we are honest with ourselves can change our lives in so many ways.

I leave you with these few questions to answer and truly start your journey.

1) Are you being honest with yourself about your inner self talk?

2) Are you past your past or are you living in the past?

3) Do you really believe in your dream wholeheartedly?

4) Do you talk to yourself in ways that you would never allow anyone to talk to you?

Answering these questions will start you on a journey of a remarkable Q&A period. I hope you find some Joy in your travels.
Dan Deigan serves as an inspiration to others. His energy, passion, and “laugh” are infectious. He is a devoted Husband, father, and the founder of Little Conversations Today. Dan is devoted to making not only a shift but a dynamic shift in the world today. He lives everyday with this belief: “Impossible is just an opinion”

-What are some changes you can make to your “self-talk”?

  • Todd Weaver

    Taking responsibility for my thinking has been a very interesting and fun (that’s right, fun) practice for me. It is also a challenging and very rewarding discipline. Staying focused and attentive to those subtle and sneaky negative thoughts is huge for me. By staying focused on this, I’ve found that the many of those dark or negative thoughts do not start out as mine (TV, the boss, news, etc). Learning how to let them pass through me and seeing those thoughts for what they are helps. Others certainly do start and stop with me and replacing them with thoughts of gratitude or the consideration of helping someone else has radically changed my thinking and my life. Fox writes in depth on this subject: “The Sermon On The Mount” The 7 Day Mental Diet. Toughest, most interesting, fun and life altering diet I’ve ever attempted.

  • Todd, I love how you said it’s “fun” too. It does start with a decision, to be intentional about things. Sure, it can seem overly simple, the idea that we can play a part in our thoughts — and whether our thoughts are either serving us positively in some way, or working against us. But we do have a choose. And in that choice, one of the things I appreciate is that in the moment I realize that I’m not paying attention to the “thoughts” I’m thinking, I have the ability to either go along and do nothing, or make the decision to shift my thinking a bit.

    I’m thankful that you took the time share with us (and I have no doubt others are as well!).


  • Thank you for having this written in helps me