These little conversations we have today change our tomorrow

You might think that the title of this article is a bold statement. Yes, I guess it is but the reality is that it is one of the most correct statements you will ever read. Yet another bold statement you say, well lets dig into this a little deeper shall we?

Those little conversations you have with yourself are the reason you are where you are today, they are the reason for all of your successes and failures. All of your triumphs and defeats. These conversations we have with ourselves are the first line and the last line that you have to cross to meet your dreams, visions, and aspirations.

There is a lot of talk about teamwork, not being able to do it on your own. The need for us all to have a mentor, someone we can go to to discuss things that happen and they become an accountability coach and progression coach if you will. We have mastermind groups that share valuable information and contacts that have the tools you don’t to get you to your goals faster. We have friends that share support and motivation for you. We have our family that also share unwavering support and motivation. There is the almighty dollar that to some provide motivation. We have online seminars, live seminars, and audio / video series that help you with goal setting, motivation, and possibility thinking.

All of these channels are amazing and believe me I am the first to suggest them all but there is an element that most forget to truly master before they head over and spend their hard earned money and more importantly, your time!

They don’t master the “Little Conversations” they have in their heads. This inner self talk that can destroy anything in a millisecond (and there are 1000 of those in a second) It can happen that quick. You have had these thoughts, we have ALL had these thoughts.

These Little Conversations can happen anywhere lying in bed at night, in the shower, driving to work, reading a book, just sitting quietly by yourself, or even during a meeting. Anywhere and everywhere they can spring up like that flower you see in the spring that you never thought was there. They are the gatekeepers to a better life or more of the “same”, they are the key holders of what ever it is you seek in life, they are the key element you need to learn how to control before you can control any other part of your life.

When you master these “Little Conversations” you tap into your true potential, your true worth, you become a gift of action, energy, belief, and passion. Nothing can stand in your way when you truly know you can accomplish what you are going after. There is a difference between knowing and believing, this difference is as thin as a razors edge they say.

I like to believe that this difference is the same as the difference between night and day. At night you need assistance to see, during the day it is clear. Night is like Believing, the day is like knowing.

If you believe you can accomplish something, there are obstacles that can throw you off. There are adversities that can arise that will bring you down into the realm of disbelief. If you KNOW that you are going to accomplish something, there is a chemistry inside of you that shifts your present paradigm into a new energetic, vibrant, and unstoppable paradigm. The paradigm I like to call “Knowing Now Only Wins – Knowing you are going to win, going to succeed, knowing you are going to reach your dreams, vision, and aspirations.

Start changing your paradigm today for a KNOW paradigm tomorrow!
Dan Deigan serves as an inspiration to others. His energy, passion, and “laugh” are infectious. He is a devoted Husband, father, and the founder of Little Conversations Today. Dan is devoted to making not only a shift but a dynamic shift in the world today. He lives everyday with this belief: “Impossible is just an opinion”

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