How Rituals and Discipline can Improve Every Aspect of Your Life

We live in a world where there is a constant demand for everything. Success then, is derived not from resourcefulness or doing something great, but showing up day in and day out. And being dedicated, persistent, it buys you a lot of progress either way.

And although motivation for something and carrying a lot of knowledge under your sleeve helps a lot, we come to recognize discipline as the ultimate currency in whatever success that we talk about. Sure, these other things have definite merit for certain, but when observed closely we can see that discipline and persistence play a crucial role in many areas of life, and many complex systems in fact.

Observe sports athletes… If it was judged no more past the initial talent and physical disposition, the picture would have been pretty much unilateral. But the fact remains that rigid discipline is what shapes the outcome; what builds gradual but certain progression. And not only does it accomplish results in the long run, but it leaves a mark mostly in the sense of improving one’s character, mindset, perspective.

Rituals are the fastest way towards success

If I go into a room full of people, I will be able to judge their habits and rituals just by observing them, and looking at them. I can tell whether someone is doing exercise, speculate pretty accurately about their eating habits. You see, everything that we present outwards is shaped by the actions that we make day in and day out.

And due to the character building aspect of discipline which we mentioned, our mental picture is shaped accordingly.

Our actions on a daily basis determine everything.

“It is what I do that defines me.”

Holy salad batman, even you had it right.

But jokes aside; this way of laying out things can be applied in almost every situation; aiming for almost every possible outcome.

How to form the rituals that will inevitably lead you towards success?

First you have to know towards where you are aiming.

Let’s say you are a writer. The aspects of your craft which need to be improved will ask for different types of rituals, than say athletes for example.

I personally, put aside almost two hours of reading each day, and try to push myself to write at least one article. What consistency does is forming a habit of writing, of reading, and this influences my creative process, my way of thinking. Your whole being is starting to recognize this activity as something inherently linked with you, and the more you do it, the stronger and more natural the link feels.

It is after a while, but ultimately your whole being starts to recognize this activity as something it is designed to do.

The most important part of the equation is discipline. And in plain English this translates into pushing yourself to do something even when you don’t feel like it; even when the initial motivation and enthusiasm have started to slowly evaporate.

Set aside certain amount of hours each day and do your thing.

Even complex psychological processes like creativity are destined to develop more under such a rigid schedule. Not to mention physical aspects like doing some type of work or getting up early each and every day.

Start to prioritize, and begin building the habit. Slowly- even one hour per day can form a solid basis. But remember, discipline and repetitiveness is the key. Show up every day and do your thing.

The diversity of the rituals is important as well

The secrets of success are partially described as doing something good, and doing it constantly. If you ask me though, I will definitely put the stress on the discipline part, on consistency. But, the fact still remains that the quality of the routine decides between mediocre and extraordinary results. Albeit a firm believer in discipline and dedication, I too am silent before this fact.

For example, taking writing again, I decide how to form my routine as to see the best results. With writing articles and getting better at it as my goal ahead, I decide to spend my time on reading nonfiction as well as certain amount of blogs as to gain knowledge on short content creation.

Athletes, as a perfect analogy, do a similar thing. One part of the routine is fitness, the other is technique, and so many others…

Refine your rituals

Finally, and this may happen as you progress through the act of discipline and habit, you start to see better ways to follow and better resources from which to absorb knowledge.

For the writer this can translate into refining his reading list both in books as in online content, for the athlete it comes about through the improvement in either technique or intensity.

The root though, still lies in consistency. The more you do it, the better your rituals become.

Remember, we are creatures of comfort, and the best way to shape our behavior and transcend our current position is to form and maintain habits and rituals. After a while we can tweak and refine them, but make no mistake, the power lies into repetitiveness and discipline. Showing up day in and day out.
Slavko Desik is editor and writer at Lifestyle Updated, self-improvement junkie dedicated to personal growth, and content creator always seeking to improve his skills.

-What are some habits you have developed which have served you along your life’s journey?