Success Tip: Lessons Can Be Taught Anywhere

As we walk through our ever exciting journey called life, we see that “life lessons” can be taught at every junction, every crossroads, and even at every moment. Most of the time, it is our presence that is lacking so we miss the WOO, we miss The Window Of Opportunity.

I recently had one of these WOO’s and it was so close to home and so magnificent that I just had to share it. My son plays hockey on a Bantam AE Rep Team. Now for those of you who have children involved in hockey, you will probably know what I am saying. They play a smaller loop than the higher seated B team in our particular center I guess is the easiest way to get into it without using your time discussing the levels of B vs AE in our center.

As I stood there last week and was taking my skates off at the location on the wall where all the kids put their sticks, I decided for some odd reason (Is there ever really an odd reason or is there always a reason?) to look at all the kids sticks while waiting for my son. As I was going down the line I saw something interesting on one of the sticks. I saw this written: I.D.F.T.G I.M.H.S.

Interesting and very unique, I was super intrigued to say the least! So I started to do what pretty much everyone does when they see these acronyms, we try to solve them. Kind of like when we are driving down the highway (freeway) and we see a personalized license plate, we just have to figure it out. I kept thinking, but was coming up really blind, I soon found out, I mean I thought I had an idea until I asked this young man.

It just so happens that this stick belonged to my sons best friend and as this young man came around the corner, I asked him what this acronym meant.

He said, “I don’t feed the goalie, I make him starve”. WOW and WOW. That just blew me away. I was so impressed by this I called his father after I got home and explained how this is such a amazing thing that he is doing and that I am so proud that he thinks in this manner. Now I know what some might be thinking now. WOW, that is pretty harsh – NOT correct at all! What this young man is doing is probably the most amazing thing he could do. Allow me to explain!

He is taking a vision he has about not letting the goalie save his shots. You see, we call it feeding the goalie when the goalie is saving shots left, right, and center. You are feeding the goalie’s ego, confidence, and game by him simply saving shots. This is not a massive realization by any means, it is not even a new idea or belief. As we get better at things and those days when we are just “ON”, where everything seems to go right, feed us to enable us become better at what ever we’re doing.

I had a massive amount of respect for this young man before he revealed this to me but that respect and picture I held in him changed that day. I realized that he has more in him than he believes he does. I realized that he is feeding himself the most amazing and continuous signals that 98% of today’s population think to be a joke, the belief in what he is doing and how he wants to do it. He wants to score goals and not allow the goalie to save them. Every time he grabs the handle of that stick, he impresses that image and belief deeper into his subconscious mind allowing it to override any other beliefs about the present game, score, or players.

This lesson we can learn from this amazing young man is invaluable to our lives. The ability to impress images that you want – REALLY Want – into your mind is an element that is not only extremely difficult but if you flip it over, it is also the gateway to a new life, a new dream, and a new YOU!

When you have a vision about your goal as this young man has about scoring and if you keep the negative thoughts that tell you you can’t do what ever it is out of your conscious mind you soon come to have less negative thoughts to expel from your mind.

When these negative thoughts do appear, they stay less time, and you are now aware that you can accomplish what you are going after. Why? Well because you have ingrained it into your subconscious mind by choosing to eliminate the negative thoughts from your conscious mind and only impressing the positive “Possibility” thoughts into your subconscious mind.

The biggest secret you will find out there today, the biggest issue that the majority of the population today face is this:

Implanting what they truly want into their subconscious mind. The part of your mind that can’t reason or send disbelief back to you. Most people think they are actually doing this but in fact they are doing the exact opposite.

We can all learn A LOT from this remarkable young man. What you think about, you create. Oh ya! And by the way, he does score a lot of goals for our team!
Dan Deigan serves as an inspiration to others. His energy, passion, and “laugh” are infectious. He is a devoted Husband, father, and the founder of Little Conversations Today. Dan is devoted to making not only a shift but a dynamic shift in the world today. He lives everyday with this belief: “Impossible is just an opinion”

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