How to Supercharge Your Life In 7 Steps By Corey Jahnke

Tracy was one of the healthiest people I knew.  She was full of fire and vinegar!  She warmed your heart with her vigor and energy.  She was in fantastic shape and it showed in every interaction you had with her.  Her smile was captivating.  She was simply a joy to be around.  I saw her on a Tuesday and shared a brief, seemingly insignificant moment.

On Saturday she was in a war for her life.  Somehow, some way, she developed a case of sepsis and in a matter of a few hours she was on life support and a positive outcome appeared hopeless.

Fortunately, Tracy is tougher than a boiled owl!  Today, a few weeks later, she is home and recovering nicely.  My beautiful wife Tonya (who I all too often take for granted) is preparing a meal for Tracy and her family.

Tracy asked Tonya to bring her a copy of my book “We Are Not Here On Rehearsal” and of course I was honored to sign it.  Tracy is looking to learn about ways to “give back” after her extremely close call.  Tracy wants to bring her “best efforts” going forward.

Tracy already has an “A” game.  She is really quite spectacular.  But, how could she ramp up her results in the future?  What can any of us do to make a tremendous impact on the world and create a life of extreme significance?  For Tracy, myself, and everyone else in my circle of influence I map it out this way:

There are 7 vital components to living a life on the highest possible plane:

1)   Learn Relentlessly ~ Commit to becoming one of the most knowledgeable people in your area of interest.  The best people become life-long learners and invest at least 5% of their income back into themselves and their ongoing education.  Read, listen to audio books, and attend seminars.  This will make you a major source of influence.

2)   Work Intensely ~ The Shakers had a saying:  “Hands to work, hearts to God”.  Building a life of significance requires hard hard work.  Staying connected to your network of friends and contacts requires continuous and constant effort, but it is rewarding on a magnificent level.  Make a commitment today to do whatever it takes to become the absolute best person you can become no matter how hard you have to try.

3)   Act Intentionally ~ When you realize that the internal inkling that you feel to take action is really a signal from your subconscious mind; you are living on purpose.  Never shut off your internal idea machine in favor of your internal critic.  Listen to your positive impulses!  Don’t hide or run away in fear.  Act on your hunches!  Your subconscious mind knows the way.

4)   Share Unconditionally ~ A life shared is a life lived.  Live all the while you are alive.   Remember, you are successful to the degree that you create value. Create value anywhere and everywhere you possibly can. Share your gifts, talents, ideas, and opportunities.  Remember that sharing means “no strings attached”.  Giving for the sake of getting is horse trading.  Horse trading is ineffective and dis-empowering.  This is not for you.

5)   Play Presently ~ The best people work all the while they are at work and play all the while they are at play.  Make sure to BE WHERE YOU ARE so that others get the best that you have to offer!  Enjoy your life.  You only get this moment so give yourself and others the gift of presence. You’ll be glad that you did!

6)   Love Openly ~ Have the courage to drop your guard!  There is no sense in stealing what you have to offer from the people you have to offer it to.  Make sure that you realize that the last time you see someone may very well be the last time you see them.  What would you say to your family if you knew for sure it would be your last chance? One day it will be!  Leave a legacy of love.  Don’t let the moment pass. Have the courage to be strong enough to be exposed!

7)   Focus Absolutely ~ Whatever your purpose there is not a moment to lose!  The cemeteries are full of people who thought they had more time.  Don’t let this happen to you.  Devise a plan to accomplish your dreams or to die in hot pursuit.  Make sure that if you “don’t get there” that you “were on your way” so someone else can pick up the baton and carry it your ultimate destiny.  Whatever it is that YOU were born to do, do that!  Never ever take your eyes off the ball!

I have no doubt that Tracy has magical creations, tremendous impact, and an amazingly purposeful life in her future!  Make a decision today to join Tracy and to live an incredible life!  You were born to create astounding results!  Accept YOUR greatness!
Corey Jahnke is the author of “We Are Not Here On Rehearsal”. Corey is a John C. Maxwell certified success coach AND a Bob Burg certified Go-Giver Coach. Corey’s company, Legend Crafters, helps people go from stuck to unstuck, from unstuck to remarkable and from remarkable to legendary. Will YOU become a legend? Visit Corey on Twitter

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