The Unique You By Matthew Horne

“There’s nothing wrong with admiration of others and vicarious living, but your highest level of fulfillment is in being in tune with your unique self. Be you.” – Matthew C. Horne

I recently was approached by a prospective author who wanted me to review some of their self-development book outlines. I promised this person I would take an objective look at their materials and get back to them. From the book titles to the body of each outline, the works were reminiscent of author’s past with no true original touch. When giving feedback to the prospective author I pointed this out and let them know their best bet was to scratch each outline and start over from a place of originality. Also, I let the prospective author know that the world is not looking for another book with recycled information, rather original captivating material to help them delve into realms which were once unreachable.

One factor which separates great and average people is originality. Originality is a spiritual trait, because it requires the ability to portray something which has never been introduced with no regard to people’s reactions or opinions. In essence, it’s a “no where” to “now here” trait that all innovators possess. Originality is birthed from a person’s unique inner-pictures, which all have spiritual origin.

If you ever wondered how to “enter” a room and not just walk in it, look no further than the door of originality. We all possess something which sets us apart from the norms of society. The people who receive the acclaim and praise in our world have done nothing more than find the audacity to create from their inner-pictures with no regards to anything else. The innovators of this world are self-reliant creative people, who don’t need validation, and really aren’t concerned with what’s going on around them. Their only concern from wake to sleep is the creation of their unique thoughts portrayed to the world through their unique lens.

There is a bounty of great people to model yourself after in this great society, particularly in the beginning stages of an endeavor. But there comes a time when the only voice that should resonate with you is that of your uniqueness. This is the beginning of you, positioning you to impact this world the way only you can. Imitation is a reproduction of head knowledge and images with little to no impact on others. Uniqueness creates a real impact because it is spiritually derived, and spiritually received.

The only way to make a lasting impact on someone is from your highest-self, your spirit. Head knowledge goes in one ear and out of the other, because it’s too common to stick. Spiritual knowledge strikes you in your spirit where all lasting impact originates. We all were created to make an impact in some fashion in our journey. The degree of this impact depends on you: will you have singleness of vision and create from within, or look around you and recreate what’s already been done?

Figuratively speaking, will your book be one in which readers put down prematurely because they’ve previously read and re-read the message? Or will they be intrigued by every word and turn each page with anticipation of the next? Never imitate and neglect your own brilliance, genius and greatness. Only one question remains: what will you create?

-Matthew C. Horne
Matthew C. Horne is a speaker and author of ‘The Universe is Inviting You In!’ available at

-In what ways are you expressing the unique you?

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