Making Room For Success! By Lisa Jimenez

Lisa Jimenez - motivation and success expertSuccess is more about letting go, releasing and creating space than it is about adding to,learning more and gaining.

So, what do you choose to let go of today?

The more I work with my coaching clients the more I realize the power in this simple truth…

Success Needs Space…

Too often we fill our life with “too much” stuff and there’s no room for success to come in;

Things like:

1. An over-active schedule and there’s no room for serendipity with a stop at a book store where your next recruit is buying a book… or a long, lingering lunch with a friend that makes you laugh so much your serotonin levels rise and you’re healthier… or a chapter in your book that you love writing… or tons of fulfillment that comes from doing a great jobĀ (because you allowed more time to do it).

2. Tons of limiting beliefs (and a voice that whispers them) that leave no room for new, empowering beliefs (and the voice that shouts them with power and confidence!)

3. A cluttered office or home that has no room for that brand new vase or picture frame waiting to be bought… or the cluttered mind that has no room for that ingenious idea waiting to be discovered.

You see, Success needs space. And you are the one who can usher in new levels of success by letting go of (fill in the blank.)

What are you willing to let go of today?

Just watch what you begin attracting into your life — with velocity — when you’re willing to let go, release, unlearn and create space for success.

To your success,

Lisa Jimenez, M.Ed., has helped thousands of top salespeople shatter their self-limiting beliefs and finally get the breakthrough success they want. When it comes to personal productivity and creating unstoppable momentum — there is no one better for your salespeople than Lisa. Click here for business building success resources by Lisa Jimenez.

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