Make Someone Else’s Dream Happen By Marcia Wieder

Marcia Wieder motivational coachJust because the economy is in a nose dive and life may feel out of control, that’s no reason to feel helpless.

You can make a huge contribution today by making someone else’s dream come true.

Who should be the lucky recipient of your gift? Choose someone who you are grateful for, or the one who needs it the most, or even the person you can most easily help.

I chose my dad. At 80 years old, it’s been painful to watch my young hearted father fight a battle with his aging body. He had been an avid golfer (“5” handicap) and fisherman but a few years ago his back began to hurt and he abandoned both of his favorite activities.

Over the last few years he’s had major surgeries with pins and rods. Not only did he lose his mobility, but the intolerable pain turned him toward pills, potions and patches.

Later, when he was diagnosed with lymphoma, he gave up. If he got out of bed, he moped around in his bath robe and talked about wanting to die. Our family, including me, felt helpless to pull him out of his depression.

A few months ago, his doctor demanded he get some exercise. He fired or quit on his first few therapists. Finally, he got a tough gal. She was relentless and worked him out daily till he was sore. He’d go home and pass out pooped. After a few days he realized he was sleeping without his pain patch and continued with his workouts.

He moaned and groaned about her, but he found a little strength. And a little turned into more. Recently, he told me his dream was to hit a few golf balls next week and to play a round with my brother when he comes to visit next month.

“Dad,” I said, “do you still have the dream of going on an African safari?”

“Of course,” he immediately replied.

“Well. I’ve been waiting for you to get strong enough for me to offer. How about if I take you?”

He bellowed out a resounding, “Yes!”

“Great,” I said, “but there are two conditions. One, you have to be really strong and healthy because a safari is a rigorous adventure. And second, no complaining allowed.”

“Deal,” he shouted. “I am going to get into the best shape of my life.” Then his voice broke and he added, “This really is a dream come true. Thank you. Thank you so much!”

I felt like I added ten years to his life. Then I cried. For over 20 years I’ve been teaching people how to make their dreams come true but what a gift to actually grant someone’s wish. I highly recommend it.
Marcia Wieder is a motivational speaker, specializing in helping people make their dreams real! In addition to her speaking and coaching she is the author of several books, and programs. Click here to visit her website and learn more about the inspiring work she does.

-What are your thoughts? Take a moment to consider some of the people in your life — personal or professional who you can make dreams happen for?

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