Money By TB Wright

Money isn’t what most people think it is, and that’s why they don’t have more of it. The one thing you have to shift in your thinking about money is the thought that it’s static, because it’s not. Money is not like rocks, yet most people treat it that way. Money flows and money grows, and if you think any other way about it, then money goes.

You most likely want the flowing and growing mindset about money. And that’s just it: money is a mindset. All wealth is. I define wealth as the increase in anything that is important to you. Whatever wealth is for you, creating more of it begins with a mind set, a setting of the mind toward an objective. If you have a mind to create more money, you have to start in the mind first.

This process is no different for any other wealth you wish to increase. Think about a relationship. Did it come in the million dollar package the day it walked in through your door? I doubt it. You have to work at it, play at it, and most of all, set your mind in the right direction about it, and that direction is always to be in the flow of it.

Part of flow is letting go. Can you hoard a relationship? Of course not. Do that and it dies. Money is no different. Jealousy kills the flow of money just as fast as it kills off relationships. The wealthy don’t hoard their money, they invest it. They let what money they have work for them to the point where every few years, or sooner, their money doubles.

Money, like a relationship, won’t increase if you squeeze it to death. Any thoughts of lack or fears of losing are akin to squeezing. Tight grips sink ships. I know, all these little truisms sound cute, but they’re true, especially when it comes to money. Because simply put, the fact is, money is a thought, a totally created human illusion as temporary as sand on the beach.

Just go to the mint and watch them destroy millions upon millions of dollar bills each day simply because they have been worn out, and you can imagine the flow it takes to do that. Illusions are defined by Webster as that which is real, but temporary.

Once you grasp this temporal nature of money in a big way, the desire to grip it so tightly begins to loosen. That’s when you see the impossibility of holding onto something that does not last. Yes, we can do it for a time, but becoming detached to any ideas of permanence with regard to money, supports you in increasing it. Such detachment is the beginning of letting your money flow.

Think about it. Money is as fluid as water. What happens to a pond when you dam it up? All manner of bacteria and algae grow to the point where everything gets choked off. Money is no different. Dam up the flow, and there your money goes; into stagnation. Break the dam and let the fresh water flow, and everything rejuvenates.

Think about this too: that if you think about money as being static, and you only have so much of it, like anything else in this Universe, you always get to be right about what you believe. Is that what you want to be right about? That the amount of money you have is it? How’s it going to grow then? How’s it going to flow then? Would you want your relationship to always stay the same? To never grow?

To never get more satisfying? I would venture to say that your answer would be a resounding “no” to that question. Then why do you treat money flow in this way? As if by holding tightly onto it, and not investing, somehow that will serve you. It doesn’t. What it does is put you out of the flow, and into stagnation.

The first question I am always asked is “How?” How do I let go? What do I invest my money in? I always answer the same way, and I know that this answer does not satisfy many, but that’s just the nature of the truth. It is what it is, and in the discomfort of finding out about it, you will be propelled out of your comfort zone and into the success zone where more of change and more of increase happen.

Because truth is, I have no idea how you are going to let go, or any recommendations as to what to invest your money in so that it grows in the flow. Only you can come up with such choices, and that’s as it should be. What I do know is, how to commit to being in the flow with regards to money. Or how to commit to being in the flow with regards to any increase in wealth you desire in your life.

I go over the exact procedure for setting and then flowing the energy of intention in The One Penny Millionaire! As always, the first step in that process is to take a stand for something. For more money. For an increase in your experience of love in relationship. For the perfect and right partnership. Because for whatever increase in wealth you desire, your commitment always begins the process necessary for your success.

And it is always, without exception, out of such commitments that miracles happen. What your particular miracles will be, I cannot say. I can only say, get out there and take your stand, the sooner the better. Why sooner? Because none of us are going to live forever, and accomplishment seems to be such a joyful way to pass the time for us human beings. Might as well begin to grow in the flow and right now! You go!

Just in case you’re beginning to think that I have no concrete “To do” suggestions to offer, truth is, I do have one. One of the most effective and useful ways to get in the flow with regard to the money mindset that creates wealth is to tithe.

What tithing sets up is the mindset of plenty, and in that set of “having enough to give it away” thoughts, and in that abundant conversation, miracles of increased wealth happen. I have seen this truth in action so many times, I won’t even try to explain why it works so well. I probably don’t even really know why, only that it does. But I don’t know how electricity works so well either, but that doesn’t mean that I’m not willing to use its flow to my benefit all the time! You can do the same.

If you think you can’t tithe, or that you don’t have enough money, that’s when you need to tithe even more, so that you can get out of the “I don’t have enough” mindset, and into the “I have so much, I can even give away ten percent of my wealth and do better than ever before” mindset. Neither one is more right than the other one, or even better, but know that each mindset has its particular results.

I just happen to like the miraculous results of the in-the-flow-mindset most of all! The one that produces an increase in my wealth. Now that’s thinking with a wealthy mindset, the one you need to succeed with!
TB Wright is the creator of The One Penny Millionaire! web based seminar series, and the author of Be BAD! Do Good! How To Get What You Want In Spite Of Yourself! which is available at

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