It’s Never Too Late! By Zig Ziglar

In May of 1983, Helen Hill, age 95, received her high school diploma. She was absolutely ecstatic. When she finished high school 76 years earlier, she and her five classmates did not receive formal diplomas because the school was so much in debt they could not afford them.

When she received her belated diploma, Mrs. Hill was thrilled. Unfortunately, she was the only surviving member of the Class of 1907, so she could not share her joy and excitement with her former classmates. The message is clear: A disappointment of yesterday can turn into a delight for today. It’s never too late!

Carl Carson, at the tender age of 64, decided to make a career change. At that age, most people think in terms of retirement, which is unfortunate. Many 64-year-olds are still very young and have accumulated experiences on which they can build very exciting and rewarding careers. Mr. Carson had been successful as a car and truck leasing agent.

For his new career, he decided to go into the consulting business. His original plan was to sell his services to ten clients. Like many of us, when he reached his rather modest goal he decided to do more. He began putting out a monthly newspaper, advising twelve hundred paying subscribers. By age 75, Carl was criss-crossing the nation a hundred times a year, speaking at conventions and having a very good time.

The message is absolutely clear: It’s never too late to dream, to learn, or to change. Unfortunately, many people come up with excuses for not reaching their goals. They don’t live in the right place, are too old or too young, or a host of other excuses.

I’m not saying that it’s going to be easy because life is tough, but it can be rewarding! It’s true that you can’t stop the calendar or turn back the clock, but you can still dream, set those positive goals, and use your unique abilities. Buy into that idea and I’ll See You At The Top!
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-I’m a big believer that now is as good a time as any to go after your goals and dreams. Do you agree or disagree? What are you allowing to hold you back? Perhaps you have some ideas that would be helpful to others who are in the pursuit of their goals. Please share your thoughts by leaving a comment.