How to doom your career prospects: be rude, crude, and vulgar

Choose tact and kindness graphicOutside of maybe a career in comedy, you don’t want to be the one that is known for not being able to handle yourself in a professional manner. Rude, crude, and or using vulgar language will not serve you well professionally.

This isn’t directed at anyone in particular. If you think I’m talking about someone specifically, well you’re wrong. I’m addressing what I am unfortunately seeing a lot more of in the marketplace. I should also point out that I completely acknowledge that for the person looking to differentiate themselves as a “thought leader” or expert in some area, the approach of being seen as a tough minded, say anything type may well work for them. However, I’m not writing this advice for them…

I’m writing for the person who is following and or emulating their style and can’t seem to figure out why the heck they are repelling career opportunities like the plague.

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There’s No Rule Of Success That Says We Have To Get It Right The First Time Out

It’s true — there’s no rule that says we have to get things right on our first try. Boy am I glad this is the case. In fact I think you’d be hard pressed to find many people that “got it right” the first few times they attempted to go after their goals and dreams.

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We Are All One Piece Of A Larger Puzzle

If there’s one thing life has taught me through my experiences it’s that we are but a part of much larger puzzle. One persons role might be owner of a multi-national company and another’s of homemaker, still we must remember that neither is more prestigious or important (in the grand scheme of things) than the other. Each serves its own unique purpose.

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Save Your Ideas

When I first heard Jim Rohn talk of the importance of keeping an idea journal I was immediately captivated. So what is it you ask?

What is it? – In its simplest form an idea journal is accomplished when we take the time to commit our ideas to paper. It makes no difference whether it’s done with a notepad or a fancy journal. The effect is the same. All your ideas need to be recorded.

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