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Find Your North Star!
by Gary Ryan Blair

What is your North Star? What is the mission that points you north, that guides, serves and inspires your heart to sing?

The North Star otherwise known as Polaris is quite an unusual star. First, it is the nearest bright star to the north spin axis of the Earth. Therefore, as the Earth turns, stars and constellations appear to rotate around Polaris, making it the North Star. Since no bright star is near the south spin axis of the Earth, there is currently no South Star.

Although Polaris is not the brightest star on the sky, it is easily located, because it is neatly aligned with two stars in the cup of the Big Dipper, and is the last star in the handle of the Little Dipper. The distinction of the brightest star in the constellation goes to Ursa Minor (also know as the Little Dipper).

If you stood at the north pole, Polaris would be almost directly overhead. And, just like the compass, the star points the direction of NORTH!

The Latin name for the star, Navigatoria, that is "The Navigator's Star." For many years, the North Star has been used as a navigation aid and to chart navigational maps.

The North Star has long been an important star to sailors and the caravans of old winding their way over the desert by night, serving as a pointer toward north and as a measurement of how far north one is.

According to Aristotle, "Where your talents and the needs of the world cross lies your calling."

We all have great ideas and dreams of what we could be, do and have. Perhaps you have something you'd love to do with your life. Perhaps you believed you'd travel to exotic places and lead wild adventures. Perhaps you have dreamed of touching people's lives in a meaningful way.

What happened to those dreams, that sense of excitement, that calling to do more with your life. Dreams ignite your spirit, and rekindle your thirst for life.

They can and do help point you north which is the only direction worth moving. Just as Columbus used the North Star to navigate his ships, you too can use your own personal North Star to navigate yourself in the direction of your dreams.

Why do some people follow their North Star? Why do some, as the Apple Computer ads say, Think Different? And how do you begin to live your dreams, and to begin to confidently move ahead in the direction of your destiny? Here are a few practical steps.

Step 1: Ask Yourself a Few Difficult Questions

The clock is ticking and additional opportunities are lost if you do not stop, ask, and most importantly answer these questions. Once answered you must set fundamental priorities to take the actions and risks necessary that bring the answers to life -- fast.

1. Who am I?

2. Why do I exist?

3. What specifically do I want?

4. What am I trying to accomplish in the years that are left to me?

5. What am I prepared to do to achieve it?

6. When will I begin to follow my North Star?

Step 2: Believe in Yourself

Right now, at this very moment you either believe or disbelieve that it is possible for you to live the life you've always imagined. Be bold and the mighty forces of life will be with you. Lock those North Star coordinates into your mind and keep your eyes, ears, tongue and actions.

One of the greatest lessons of life that I have learned is simply this: "Have faith that what you want, also wants you in return!"

Step 3: Take Action - Create a Sense of Urgency

The chances of you capturing your North Star without taking action is like thinking you can win the lottery without buying a ticket. You have a finite amount of time left to capture the prize you so desperately want. You must understand that this lifetime is not a dress rehearsal, therefore you must take action and create an sense of emergency in all that you do.

Polaris is called the "North Star" because its position in the sky defines the direction of due North. Whenever you want to figure out where North is, all you have to do is find this star.

Always remember that the only direction worth moving is north. Therefore set your sights on your own personal North Star and you will always be moving in the right direction.

Everything Counts! 
Gary Ryan Blair
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