By Tom and Penelope Pauley

Many people have been asking us about visualization. How exactly do we visualize the things we want? Well here is an idea that may work for you. We do this nearly every morning.

From a sitting position extend your arms with your hands open and facing upward. In fact, stretch your fingers as far apart and backward as you can.

Then relax. Close your eyes. Take a deep breath and exhale. Take another deep breath and exhale. Do this several times until your body is thoroughly relaxed. With your eyes still closed see what you want.

If that's a new car, visualize the car you want. See the color and make you've asked for. See it in your mind. See the leather seats and CD changer. See yourself driving this car to a big party or an isolated mountain top -- whatever appeals to you. See your friends admiring your car. Visualize them riding with you, enjoying your friendship.

Feel the wind in your face. Hear the music playing. Make this visualization as real as you can. Smell the new leather seats. Feel the security and safety you enjoy in your new car. Feel the joy of knowing this is your car.

Now, with your eyes still shut and your hands open bring this visualization inside you. Draw this image into your body through your left hand. Fill your heart with your visualization. See exactly what you saw only moments earlier, only now, that image is in your heart. See you're new car or job or whatever you want in as much detail as possible.

See it. Feel it. Smell it. Touch it. Taste it. Hear it. Love it. Enjoy this vision you have created for a period of time.

This could be a minute or hour depending on you. This is your dream take the time to enjoy it.

Finally, here's the secret that empowers your dream. After you have visualized what you want and drawn that visualization into your heart do one more thing.

Broadcast your dream to the world. Using your right hand as a communication disc, transmit the energy of your visualization out into your physical reality. This broadcast, this announcing of your desire allows the Universe to go to work immediately. It's like putting a rush order on your request.

Practice this exercise and do it for every thing you write down. Visualization is a powerful tool. Use it and become Rich Beyond Your Wildest Dreams.
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