Unlocking The Powerful Secret Message Hidden In The Science Of Getting Rich
By Rebecca Fine

'At Paris, just after dark one gusty evening in the autumn of 18--, I was enjoying the twofold luxury of meditation and a meerschaum, in company with my friend, C. Auguste Dupin, in his little back library, or book-closet, au troisième, No. 33 Rue Dunôt, Faubourg St. Germain ...'

So begins one of the most famous of all American short stories, 'The Purloined Letter,' penned in 1844 by the celebrated writer Edgar Allen Poe.The story tells the tale of a famous woman who is being blackmailed by a man who has stolen from her a letter containing extremely damaging information.

After the police have searched the thief's lodgings thoroughly, looking into every possible crack and crevice where the letter may have been concealed, they're at a loss because they KNOW the letter is there, yet they can't find it, no matter how hard they look.

Thoroughly bewildered and being pressured to retrieve the incriminating sheet of paper quickly, the police prefect pays a visit to Monsieur Dupin, a famous private detective:'The fact is, we have all been a good deal puzzled because the affair is so simple, and yet baffles us altogether.''

Perhaps it is the very simplicity of the thing which puts you at fault,' said my friend. 'What nonsense you do talk!' replied the Prefect, laughing heartily. 'Perhaps the mystery is a little too plain,' said Dupin.'

Oh, good heavens! who ever heard of such an idea?''A little too self-evident. ''Ha! ha! ha! -- ha! ha! ha! -- ho! ho! ho!' roared our visitor, profoundly amused, 'oh, Dupin, you will be the death of me yet!'While the Prefect laughs and dismisses the idea that the letter could be hidden right under his nose, that, in fact, turns out to be exactly the case. The famous Detective Dupin triumphs yet again and steals back the purloined letter which the thief has 'hidden in plain sight' by leaving it right out in the open.

Now my question to you -- in light of deepening our understanding of The Science of Getting Rich -- is this: Are you Detective Dupin or the police prefect? In other words, are you focusing so intently on what may APPEAR to be the message of the book or what you expect it to say that you miss out entirely on what is, to me at least, the REAL long-lost secret of prosperity in ALL its forms, financial and otherwise?

Or, like our hero Dupin, have you spotted the 'hidden' information and had it jump right off the page and into your more and more delightful life?Well, if you're still a bit puzzled -- or even completely baffled -- hang on, because we're about to walk right through the clues 'til you see it!In any how-to manual, of course, you always find lists of do's and don'ts to follow to achieve the desired results.

And Mr. Wattles' book is no different in that regard. So let's take a look at a few of his prescriptions and see what ONE THING they ALL have in common! Mr. Wattles tells us that to practice The Science of Getting Rich successfully we need to ...

* Understand that there is no limit to abundance.* Accept that we are worthy and that our true desires are, too.* Abandon competitive thought.

* Don't worry that someone else could beat you to all the good stuff.

* Avoid unethical practices in business and elsewhere.

* Look for ways to add value in all you do.

* Spend as much time as possible contemplating your desires: See what you want as if it is already a done deal -- imagine it clearly, 'bringing out all its delightful details.'

* And take that even further: 'See yourself owning and using them. Make use of them in your imagination ... In the mental realm, enter at once into full enjoyment of the things you want.'

* Notice when your thoughts turn to worry, doubt, and fear so that you can choose other thoughts that feel good and lead you back to positive energy.

* Marinate yourself in gratitude! (There's a whole chapter and more on this one aspect. That's a BIG clue!)

* Be careful what thoughts you choose to dwell on: 'Things are not brought into being by thinking about their opposites.'

* Avoid dwelling on or talking about your own troubles at all. The same is true for 'horrible conditions' in certain places or for groups of people. Never speak in a discouraged or discouraging way.

* 'Give no anxious thought to possible disasters, obstacles, panics, or unfavorable combinations of circumstances.'

* Don't rush, overwork, or waste time trying to figure out some 'strange, unusual, or remarkable action to perform as a first step toward getting rich.' Just do what you normally do but with a new attitude, point of view, mindset.

* Not sure what action to take? Then you're not ready to act yet. Go to gratitude, contemplate the vision of what you want, don't rush and get yourself all anxious and uptight.

* Use your will power only to keep your mind off what you don't want and focused on what you DO want to attract and create in your life.

Have you spotted a common thread yet?

Here's another clue: Pick one of the recommendations above (and this is just a representative sampling) and imagine yourself doing what Mr. Wattles recommends.

Now ... how does doing that cause you to feel? If you've seen the answer, congratulations! If you haven't quite gotten it yet, that's fine, too. We'll take it a step further.

Let's pick the first one on the list. What feels better to you -- believing that abundance is unlimited or believing that if one person has more, someone else must go without? Or jump down the list to 'Marinate yourself in gratitude.' What feels better to you -- looking around and seeing so much to appreciate and be grateful for? Or the opposite? Do that with the whole list up there. Better yet, get out your copy of the book and reread it, looking at every bit of advice Mr. Wattles gives and noticing what is likely to be the IMMEDIATE RESULT in your own mental and emotional state.

My friend, when you really 'get' this at a deep level, you will have the key that unlocks it ALL! The real secret of practicing The Science of Getting Rich is to focus ONLY on what makes you FEEL GOOD. Your own JOY is the secret key to all abundance!

You are constantly impressing your mental images on the Formless, constantly sending out a signal, constantly asking for whatever it is you are focusing on to be delivered to you.Not just the things you want, but everything you give your focus, faith, and feeling to. And that delivery is ALWAYS completed. (Now, not every little thought that comes flitting through your mind is going to manifest -- just the ones you dwell on. And which ones are those? The ones you feel any emotion about.)

So it's ESSENTIAL for you to feel as good as you can, as much of the time as you can. My friend, this is great news! It simply does NOT feel good to worry, to rush, to give less than your best, to get into competitive mind, to blame or judge or criticize, to soak up all the bad news in the world, to rant about politics, to tell everyone all your troubles, to bitch and moan about everything you don't like, and on and on.

But it feels GREAT to turn on your powerful imagination and practice being, doing, and having all you desire -- to really get into it until it feels real to you. Here's an example. Sunday afternoon I was lying in a hammock in a friend's backyard, thinking about the new home I want in a new location on the other side of the country. I closed my eyes and imagined my hammock was at the end of the dock out behind my new house and my cruising sailboat was tied up right beside me.

As I lay there in the sunshine, envisioning all the details of my surroundings, I imagined I could smell the salt water and hear the docklines creaking a bit. I imagined another friend coming down from the house suggesting we go for a sail and have dinner at a nice restaurant on the other side of the water, and so we did ... A while later the back door opened and my friend came out and said, 'How long have you been out here?' And when I checked I was astonished to find out I'd been 'daydreaming' for nearly two hours!

I had gotten so delightfully absorbed in creating and contemplating my 'clear mental image' that I'd lost all track of time. And the best part was that I felt incredible! Do you know that little thrill you get when something wonderful happens -- a delicious physical sensation you feel sort of all over and it can sometimes even make you almost shiver as you grin or laugh right out loud?

Well, I had it big time -- and that's EXACTLY how I know that the new home with all the other goodies are on the way! Exactly how and when it gets delivered -- that part's not up to me. That's up to the Formless. My part is just to get crystal clear on the desire and all its 'bright promise.'

When I do that -- when YOU do that! -- it feels fantastic. So, my friend, that's the secret! And your part of the process is simply to envision whatever it is you desire to be, do, or have, and then PLAY with that vision until you feel great.

Do it often, until (as Mr. Wattles notes) all you have to do is think of your desire and the whole big picture jumps into your mind and pastes a big happy grin on your face.All the rest -- all the heavy lifting, all the 'figuring out,' all the work -- is left to the Formless, the Universe, the Supreme Mind, God.

Your part is just to be and feel joy. ONE MORE IMPORTANT QUESTION FOR YOU -- Now, whatever it is that YOU desire to be, do, or have, ask yourself this: WHY do you want it?When you get right down to it, you want it because you think it will feel good in one way or another, right?Hmm.So ... in order to get what you desire so that you will feel good, you first need to ...?

Yeah! You got it!

Feels pretty good, doesn't it?
Rebecca Fine is the founder of The Science of Getting Rich Network.
(c) Certain Way Productions.

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