Networking And Influencing Skills: Making Life More Personal

I did it.
I added a photo album to my site.

“This, ” I thought, “I need to do. It will look more professional. It will help people see what I look like — even though that ‘s a bit scary! And, besides: it is fun.”


After placing the photo album on my site I immediately received a set of very positive emails.

The positive responses were gratifying. They also caused me to slow down and reflect about things “on the personal side of life.”

In essence, people said to me: “I got to know you a bit better.” “You were more than some guy who sent me an email newsletter at the beginning of my day.”

Isn’t that remarkable?

People still value relationships.
People still value the personal touch. It is not out of vogue.

A few things in life never change, and the value of “the personal side of life” is one of those “few things.”


Take yesterday for instance: did you miss out on any opportunities to add the personal touch to an aspect of your day?

What about last week?
Last month?

Don’t get me wrong: I love technology. After all, that’s how I earn my living 🙂

But as my friend Bob Burg says: “All things being equal, people will always choose to do business with those they like, know, and trust first.”

What did you do to have someone like you, know you or trust you recently?

Or here’s a better question: what did I do?


Why don’t we try — you and me, that is. Why don’t we try to think of creative ways to help people…

Like us
Know us
And trust us?

I am going to make an attempt. Maybe even two.

And you?

Here’s wishing you a blessed day,
Josh Hinds

* Josh Hinds is the author of Why Perfect Timing is a Myth: Tips for Staying Inspired and Motivated Day in and Day out! and It’s Your Life, LIVE BIG!

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