Receiving: Achieve Your Goals with Greatness 
By Julie Jordan Scott

Strategic plans, collaboration, skillfulness, listening, speed, agility. 

In football, the wide receiver is the player who breaks through the defensive line and sprints down field to catch the passes from the quarterback. Having a skillful receiver, one who consistently performs above and beyond the norm can take a mediocre team to Championship proportions.

I love going to football games. I get completely enthralled. When a pass is thrown way down the field, I am one of those people who slowly stands up, willing the receiver to catch the ball and run for the goal line. I anguish with the players (especially high school level and below) who drop the pass. "Incomplete" is what that is called. The referees wave their arms below their waste. Not quite good enough to reach the planned for destination.

With that illustration, I am reminded that I need to refine my skills as a receiver. I can pass the ball, I can collaborate on devising the plays and strategies. I can cheer from the sidelines. I can serve tirelessly. Yet when it comes time for me to receive praise, or take gifts, or accept assistance? I am woefully under skilled.

How talented are you at receiving?

Continuing with the football analogy, without the receiver, the coach is limited to how the team can bring about success. They will have to think of ways to run the ball, but using a passing strategy is taken away. If you have watched even a couple games of football, you know that in some instances, the infamous 'hail Mary pass' is the only way some games can be won.

Having a skilled receiver down the field is the only way to accomplish the seemingly impossible. Is there a connection between your achieving greatly and your ability to receive?

Publilius Syrus, Roman philosopher said, "Many receive advice, but only the wise profit from it". Being able to receive, being able to catch the ball as it is thrown and gracefully achieve the next goal and the next and the next and then next is about finesse and tenacity. It is also about having a willingness to accept openly that which is being offered to you. Without accepting the drink as it is poured, the ball as it is thrown, the opportunity as it is given to you, you will not be able to reach your highest heights.

I am taking this football season to really focus on receiving. Practicing my skills. Being aware of opportunities as they unfold. Making sure the referees of my life are not calling too many "incomplete passes."

Join me. Receive what is offered, joyfully and with passion. Don't allow it to slip through your hands. 

Julie Jordan Scott is a Personal Success Coach who left her career as a government bureaucrat and built a successful business in less than six months. She now combines mothering 4 children with inspiring people worldwide with her books, ezine, teaching and personal coaching. Visit Julie Jordan Scott.


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