By Chip Lowell

Many of you think that once you achieve your great big goal, it will finally be time to reward yourself (or the thing achieved may be the reward). How do you stay pumped up if your achievement date is 5 years away? Or only one year?

In your goal planner, whether it be a pad of paper or our online system, make sure you have support goals -- or "mini" goals -- set up to help you achieve your major goals. Then, once you achieve a support goal, reward yourself with something special. It may only be a nice lunch or dinner -- or time with someone special. Or your reward might be something material, like a new CD or TV.

The point is, if you know you get a reward at steps along the way, you'll continue to be fired up! So do this today: get out your list of goals (you do know where it is, right?), and look at it. Do you have any major goals that DON'T have smaller goals "inside" it that you need to achieve to make the bigger one happen?

We'll let's set some up. For example, you want to become debt free. What smaller goals do you need to accomplish to become debt free? Maybe you need to get a higher paying job. Perhaps you need to free up some of your disposable income from a nite out once a week -- and use that to pay down your debt. So, create 2 support goals under your major heading of "Become Debt Free."

Now -- what actions do you need to take to achieve each of the small goals? Look in the want ads? Ask friends about job openings? See, not too hard.

Now the fun part. What will you reward yourself with if you land a new, higher paying job? What about if you are able to save $25.00 weekly from your "fun" money? Makes it a lot more exciting, doesn't it? Now, do the same for all of your goals!

Have a great day!
Chip Lowell


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