By Chip Lowell

Are you setting goals that others want you to achieve or are you setting them just for you? Many times, what we think we want out of life is really what our Mom or Dad told us we should want. Sometimes, it's looking around at our friends, seeing what they have, and thinking that's what we should want, too.

When you set a real goal for yourself, make sure the reasons you write down as to why you want to achieve it is powerful enough to make you take action consistently towards it. We have lots and lots of people sign up for our online goal setting software that cancel (yes, they even cancel the free membership) because they feel overwhelmed by action item email. Action Items that users themselves set up to remind them to take action toward a goal. If you look at your to-do list and feel "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH, too much!"

You might want to revisit your overall goals. If the actual taking action is too stressful, you may not really want to achieve a particular goal or two. Drop anything that seems stressful for now. Set goals that make you feel good! And taking action towards them makes you feel powerful! Then, the goal is really one of your dreams -- and not someone else's.

Have a great Day!
Chip Lowell
By Chip Lowell, creator of MyMotivator helps you achieve your goals with powerful and easy web based Goal Setting software -- Sign up and start taking action today!

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