By Chip Lowell

"We usually overestimate what we think we can accomplish in one year -- but we grossly underestimate what we can accomplish in a decade." -- Anthony Robbins

I was re-listening to Tony Robbin's "Giant Steps" tape yesterday when I heard the quote I just wrote above. It struck me as very profound, mainly because, I am guilty of this myself! I run a goal setting site, and still make simple mistakes that may cause me to feel unsuccessful -- and not because I'm not achieving!

I often set one year goals. Most I accomplish, but some I don't. I may come close -- or not close at all. Usually, the goals I don't attain in one year are due to making my single year expectation waaaaay too high. Why do we put just a year on goals? Why not make our income goal a two year deal? Or weight loss; or finding a mate?

There is no reason why we can't take two years to accomplish a thing we desire. In fact, we ought to plan our lives in much longer segments -- like decades! So, as of today, I am setting my income & wealth goals for 10 years out. Then, I'll back into what I need to do each year to get there.

Why don't you try the same? And remember, don't UNDERestimate what you can accomplish in a decade. Think about how far you've come in the past ten years. Also, think about how far you MIGHT have come in the past ten years if you'd set goals for yourself way back when! So, here's your assignment: take one of your one year goals you have today and stretch it out to ten. What will you look like ten years from now? What will your relationships be like? Where will you live?

Where will you work (if at all)? What will your income be? What will your wealth be? Now, take that ten year goal and break it down into what you will accomplish each year. Finally, what can you do TODAY to start you towards that dream? Got it? Great!

Have a great Day!
Chip Lowell
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