2 Goal Affirmations You Should NEVER EVER Use!
By Gordon Bryan

Right then, affirmations. In fact, GOAL affirmations.

Listen, it's no good rolling your eyes and saying 'Here we go', I can see you from here!

Actually, here's a good exercise: If I ask you,. right now, to go and fetch me your written list of goals, could you?

Yes? That's good!

No? That's bad!

And if not, put any cynicism aside for a while and read on...

A goal affirmation is where you have a statement or goal written down, and you read them to yourself at regular intervals, usually morning and night. You also have one or two of them as your 'mission statement', which you can reel off at any time.

Do they work? Well, yes they do, actually.

How do they work? Blimey, what do you think I am, a psychologist?

Basically it's to do with a big battle between the conscious and the subconscious minds. Oooh it's a big bust up I can tell you, its like 'Lord of the Rings' on acid.

The subconscious mind will believe what it is told by the conscious mind, and unfortunately our conscious minds are programmed by society to not fulfill our full potential.

Paradoxically though, the subconscious mind will not believe certain things... This is important, and bearing that in mind, you need to be very careful about how you word the affirmations.

Personality affirmations need to be in the present tense. Materialistic affirmations need to be in the future tense, and time specific.

Ok, you know me, I don't like messing around, here's examples...

GOOD - If you say 'I am a strong and worthy person', your subconscious mind believes it, and will act accordingly.

BAD - If you tell it that 'by Dec 31st I will be a strong and worthy person', oh dear oh dear.

This is no good, in fact it is damaging, because firstly you don't suddenly cross a finish line and become strong and worthy, and secondly it is telling your subconscious that at present you are NOT strong and worthy, and it will act accordingly!

GOOD - 'By Dec 31st 2003, I will have doubled my yearly income'. Your subconscious will accept this as feasible, and will work towards it, and direct you correctly, waking you in the night with 'Eureka!' moments.

BAD - 'I have a million pounds in my account.' The subconscious will recognize this as simply not true, and will merrily ignore it.

You might as well say the moon is made of cheese in your affirmations for all the good it will do you.

There! 4 examples, short and sweet, and I hope you can see the differences. It's only little changes, but they can have drastic effect on your success.

Using affirmations which are worded wrongly will sabotage all your efforts.

Use them correctly and outloud, and you will get so much of what you want, you will have to pinch yourself to believe it!

Er, what was that - OUTLOUD???

Oh yes, you need to say them outloud. You may think it's silly, and sure enough you will feel absolutely ridiculous the first few times you do it, but I am telling you here and now, it works, it is a psychological trick on yourself, and is another essential piece of the big jigsaw. Or a Rubik's cube if you like.

Yes, that's it, imagine affirmations as completing the blue side of a Rubik's cube. Hhhm, I know I'm going off on one of my wanders here, but bear with me. Self improvement, goal achievement, wealth creation, the 3 things I feel passionate about, it's all a big learning process.

2 steps forward, 1 step back, and then suddenly it all clicks, and then like me, you'll be fit to burst, and shouting it from the rooftops!

So be careful you don’t use incorrectly worded affirmations!


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