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Succeeding in the Twenty-First Century
By James Allan

What century do we live in? It's the twenty-first century, but people are still trying to succeed with twentieth century thinking!

A great example is the old phrase "Time is Money!"" Where did that get people in the twentieth century? Despite massive increases in health care technology, people suffered from many more health-related problems.

Despite opening borders and expanding opportunity worldwide, debt and bankruptcies ballooned. In 1999, 1 out of every 73 households in the US declared bankruptcy!

Don't you think it's time for a change? If something's not working, shouldn't we change it?

If you're happy with your life, and have more money than you need, then congratulations. If you don't have enough money, or you don't have enough time to enjoy it, wouldn't a new perspective be worthwhile?

If you believe time is money, then you'll believe that you have to work more hours to get more money. Yippee! If you believe time is money, then you're also denigrating time to the value of money. Time is much more precious than money. Time is not replaceable. Time is not renewable. Time is not creatable by any of us mere mortals. But money is.

So, if time is not money, what is money? Better yet, how can you create more money and more time?

Ladies and gentlemen, the twenty-first century requires new thinking. To succeed in enjoying more time and more money, you have to come up with a new way of thinking and a new way of acting. A great first step is to adopt the importance that "value is money".

Money is exchanged for value given. Period. Money is not given for time spent. But some of you will say, "Oh yes it is. I get paid by the hour." That situation has arisen because someone has evaluated the work you do, and decided that anyone with that experience should be paid a certain amount for that work. They have determined that they can make a nice little profit off of your time and efforts by giving you that salary.

It doesn't matter how good you get. It doesn't matter if you are so productive one day that you make miracles happen. You'll still get the same amount of money. Where does the inspiration come to work harder? A nice raise at the end of the year? The raise will depend just as much on the company's success and their "salary scale" as it will on your own. Anyone who's worked in the corporate world can remember years when they haven�t worked exceptionally hard, yet they've received exceptional raises. And other years have shown a similar lack of response when exceptional effort was put in.

If you want to thrive in the twenty-first century, look at the value you offer your customers (both internal and external). If you don't know what value you offer, ask your customers!

If you're getting paid by the hour, or by the day, or by some other time period, then you're not allowing yourself to enjoy more money and more time. Consider how you get paid. Consider how increasing the value you supply your customers will increase your income. Then concentrate on giving more value, and you'll enjoy more money. Since you can concentrate your efforts in one area, you'll be reducing the time you spend going all over the place. So now you're enjoying more time too.

If you want to enjoy more money and more time in your life, then adopt and live by the philosophy that "Value is money". Here's to your success in the twenty-first century!
James Allan is an inspiring writer who wants you to achieve success in the twenty-first century. His first book, Street Hockey Millionaire has received international acclaim, and his Score Your Financial Goals home study course is helping people enjoy their dreams of having more money, more time and more fun in their life.

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