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Climb That Mountain
By Jon Gordon
(Excerpt from Energy Addict)

I was riding my mountain bike the other day with my three year old son in the child's seat.

As we rode along the edge of the TPC golf course we noticed a boy running up and down these three little hills on the edge of the golf course. I knew what was coming next.

My son said "Daddy, I want to run up the hill." So, I stopped the bike, helped him get out of the seat and said, "Go ahead and climb that hill." He stood at the bottom looking at the hill.

To him I could tell it seemed like a mountain. He started up the hill but then stopped. His momentum could not carry him up the hill. It was pretty steep and he looked nervous and scared.

I wasn't sure if he would be able to climb it and neither was he. Then I said, "step back and then run up it" So he did fearlessly. When he reached the top his face beamed with pride.

He just stood there looking at the view from the top-his view and perspective changed by a few seconds and a climb up a little mountain. From the look on his face, which I will never forget, I could tell his confidence was at an all time high.

He proceeded to run up and down the three little hills like a human rollercoaster. When he reached the bottom of the third hill we walked back to the bike and went on our way.

I realized at that moment why we all need to climb a mountain every now and then. When we climb mountains, face challenges, hurdle obstacles and learn from difficult situations we remind ourselves that we have the strength, power and energy to overcome life's challenges.

At first even a little mountain may seem like a big insurmountable mountain. But when you step back and climb it you realize, "I can do this." You realize within you is a source of strength, power and energy that you didn't know you had. After all, the mountain, no matter how big it is, is no match for your focused energy and desire to climb it.

Mountains are meant to be climbed. Wounds are meant to be healed and problems are meant to become learning experiences. They all serve a purpose. They make us stronger mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

In Lance Armstrong's book "It's Not About the Bike" he says,"The truth is that cancer was the best thing that ever happened to me. I don't know why I got the illness, but it did wonders for me, and I wouldn't want to walk away from it. Why would I want to change, even for a day, the most important and shaping event in my life?"

While we often can't control what happens to us we can control how we see and climb the mountains in our life. You can look at mountains as obstacles or hurdles to a better and stronger you.

We can look at mountains as being in the way or as "the way" to growth. We have a choice. We can stand at the bottom and say, "it's too hard, it's too high and I can't do it" or we can reach deep within and find the very best in ourselves and fearlessly run up it.

Sending Positive Energy Your Way,
- Jon
Energy Tips by Jon Gordon, The Energy Addict. For additional tips, visit -- Jon is also the author of "Becoming An Energy Addict".

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