Customer Service Skills: In the Face of Problems, Smile and do Your Best to Make it Right By Josh Hinds

Instead of seeing someone who takes the time to complain about a product or service you’ve rendered as a problem, try and reframe it for what it really is – an opportunity to grow, learn, and ultimately become better for the experience.

It’s been said many times before that we grow through life’s challenges, as opposed to those times when it’s smooth sailing.
When another person takes the time to share what’s wrong in their mind be thankful, because so few people actually do. Instead they go silently into the marketplace sharing their negative experience with others.

For this reason alone isn’t it better to correct any disagreements early on? If the other person asks for a refund strive to the very best of your ability to give it without hesitation or making it difficult on them.

In virtually every case you will find that you’re always better off when the other person leaves the experience feeling good about it even if you weren’t able to deliver on what you both originally agreed upon (so long as things are made right when you part ways).

In the short-term you may feel that you’ve lost out, but in reality you have built trust and paved the path for the other person to potentially do business with you at another time. Not to mention you will be surprised by how many people will actually go about singing your praises to others as they share what a rare customer service experience they had, “with the person who really wanted to make sure I left the transaction happy”. Because unfortunately so few people take this approach, when you do so you will put yourself at a distinct advantage in the marketplace.

If you can develop the ability to render this level of service with a smile you will differentiate yourself in a positive light. The rewards for being viewed in this way among others is well worth the effort it takes to do so.

When you build trust through your actions you strengthen your character. Your character determines your influence. Your influence determines the level of success you will attain – be it personally or professionally.

It’s your life, LIVE BIG! Josh Hinds

* Josh is the author of Why Perfect Timing is a Myth: Tips for Staying Inspired and Motivated Day in and Day out! and It’s Your Life, LIVE BIG!