It Doesnt Always Take Money Honey! By Josh Hinds

If you buy into the old saying, it takes money to make money you’re really missing the boat. In fact some of the greatest success stories ever told are of people just like you and I who started with little or nothing and grew their business idea into a masterful success. Would it have been easier say if these folks had had access to deep pockets when starting out on their business journey? Maybe, maybe not — who knows for sure.

One could make the case that in some of the situations had these bootstrapping entrepreneurs had it easier at startup many of them would never have learned the value of persistence and the necessity to be creative in growing their businesses in the first place.

It makes you think doesn’t it? So my question now is what are you waiting for? It’s your life that’s waiting, why not get on the ball now and take a little action and start moving towards the success that awaits you?

–It’s Your Life, LIVE BIG! Josh Hinds

* Josh Hinds is the author of Why Perfect Timing is a Myth: Tips for Staying Inspired and Motivated Day in and Day out! and It’s Your Life, LIVE BIG!