Thinking Like A Farmer By Jim Rohn

Jim Rohn motivational speaker, authorOne of the difficulties we face in our industrialized age is the fact that we’ve lost our sense of seasons.

Unlike the farmer whose priorities change with the seasons, we have become impervious to the natural rhythm of life. As a result, we have our priorities out of balance. Let me illustrate what I mean:

For a farmer, springtime is his most active time. It’s then when he must work around the clock, up before the sun and still toiling at the stroke of midnight. He must keep his equipment running at full capacity because he has but a small window of time for the planting of his crop. Eventually winter comes when there is less for him to do to keep him busy.

Good Enough By Jim Stovall

There are some tasks that require all of our effort and energy. These types of tasks demand our best efforts and constant ongoing improvement. For example, if you are a parent, you should always be performing at your best and constantly seeking to be a better parent.

On the other hand, there are routine, mundane tasks that each of us must perform regularly. These tasks simply require a basic level of performance within a certain window of acceptability.

A doctor does not pour his cup of coffee each morning with the same degree of exacting focus that he employs when he performs surgery. We are all confronted with the ongoing question, “When is good enough, good enough?”

Pure Positivity by Jim Stovall

All of us worry about having positive outcomes in our personal and professional lives. This worry stems from many sources, chief among them being the doubt surrounding our best efforts being good enough. All of us suffer from daydreams or nightmares of striving mightily and falling just short of the prize.

My late, great friend and mentor, John Wooden, was fond of saying, “Assume that your best is good enough.” Coach Wooden was far from an overoptimistic Pollyanna-filled dreamer. He was a realistic, down-to-earth man who achieved the highest goals imaginable by putting the right people in the right places and expecting them to perform at their best.

Self Belief is the First Step to Greatness By Kieran Revell

“Success is not governed by colour, creed, age or orientation:  Success does not discriminate nor does it know boundaries.  It does however depend upon dreams, persistence and self-belief. The moment you lose confidence in yourself, failure will follow”

Each of us, irrespective of means or circumstance, strives for some aspect of greatness in our lives.  Each of us is a genius in some aspect of our existence.  There are things I can do brilliantly, which others cannot.  Similarly, there are things which others can do that I can’t.  These are the things which drive us to greatness and empower all aspects of our world.

Making Room For Success! By Lisa Jimenez

Lisa Jimenez - motivation and success expertSuccess is more about letting go, releasing and creating space than it is about adding to,learning more and gaining.

So, what do you choose to let go of today?

The more I work with my coaching clients the more I realize the power in this simple truth…

Success Needs Space…

Too often we fill our life with “too much” stuff and there’s no room for success to come in;

Things like:

The Audacity of Apollo by Jim Stovall

Sometimes, we have to peer into the dim recesses of the past to visualize how bright the future can be.

Most of us remember watching Neal Armstrong, live or on videotape, as he stepped onto the surface of the moon.  We remember that grainy, shadowy, black and white image as he assured us that it was one small step for man but a giant leap for mankind.

History has proven that Neal Armstrong was right, but if his small step for man took place in July of 1969, I would submit for your consideration that the giant leap for mankind took place on May 25, 1961–more than eight years before Neal Armstrong struggled down the ladder of the Apollo landing craft.

Top Five Action Steps To Get You Moving In The Right Direction By Randy Taylor

1) Persistence – Persistence is the fuel that gets done what needs to be done everyday. Persistence comes to us from two sources; either from passion or from persistence itself.

The motivation from persistence itself shows up when you are driven to continue to grow and learn and reach higher on the days when the motivation has waned.

One way to ensure that you are focused everyday is to simply change your philosophy of how you view the day itself. Most of us begin our day with a things to do list. What may prove to be more effective is to create a daily TTWGD list. This stand for; THINGS THAT WILL GET DONE! This simple change of philosophy will create the mindset to complete ALL activities on your list everyday.