Hang In There by Ron White

Ron White motivational speaker and memory expertI remember Navy boot camp like it was yesterday. An event that occurred on my second day still causes me to pause when I reflect on it. You can tell a new soldier who has just arrived at boot camp from one who is about to graduate based upon the clothes and ribbons they wear.

It was clearly my second day, evidenced by what I was wearing. I was walking single file with my unit down a hall and a sailor who was just about to graduate passed us.

Purpose, Vision And Goals By Bob Proctor

Bob Proctor - motivational speaker and authorDo you have a definite purpose that guides your ambitions, vision, and goals?

It doesn’t matter how you think you arrived here on this planet or under whose direction — the fact remains that each of us has specific talents and gifts that are uniquely coded within our own DNA.

As you go through life, you don’t just pick up things you like doing by chance. You discover what you’re good at because you were meant to discover it, just as you were meant to figure out what your fingers do, and how your elbows work.

Be An Optimist at All Times By Brian Tracy

Brian TracyEveryone wants to be physically healthy. You want to be mentally healthy as well. The true measure of “mental fitness” is how optimistic you are about yourself and your life.

In this article, you learn how to control your thinking in very specific ways so that you feel terrific about yourself and your situation, no matter what happens.

Control Your Reactions and Responses…
There are three basic differences in the reactions of optimists and pessimists. The first difference is that the optimist sees a setback as temporary, while the pessimist sees it as permanent.

Independence Month By Pegine Echevarria

Pegine Echevarria motivational speakerI’ve got the power. It is a great day when you realize that you have the power to change your life, your perceptions of the world and your willingness to decide to succeed, no matter what.

It is shedding the layer of thoughts, ideas and perceptions that has held you back, and, instead embracing new ideas, new thoughts and beliefs about yourself and what you can be.

The decision to be free and independent — to truly declare and shout from the roof tops: “I am the only one who will decide what I want for me. I am the only person who has the power to think for me and to choose what thoughts I have. I can choose who I want to be.” That is true freedom.

Advice on Overcoming Fear By Zig Ziglar

Zig Ziglar motivational speakerFear has been correctly identified with the acrostic False Evidence Appearing Real.  The truth is that if we think something is to be feared, that perception becomes the cruelest form of reality.

A second-grade boy was overheard saying, “It’s easy to be brave when you’re not scared.” By the same token, it’s easy to talk about how to overcome fear when you have little to be afraid of.  Fear is certainly real for most people and all of us face a fear of something – poverty, divorce, rejection, death, failure, speaking in public, being laughed at, etc.

Doing the Impossible By Zig Ziglar

Zig Ziglar motivational speakerWhere will the records stop?  In 1954 Roger Bannister ran a sub-four-minute mile and it ignited the athletic world.  In 1994, Eamonn Coghlan of Ireland, at age 41, ran a sub-four-minute mile.  Incredibly enough, Kip Keino of Ethiopia, at age 55, ran a 4.06 mile.  The fastest mile run to date [when this column was originally written] is 3:43.13 accomplished by Hicham El Guerrouj of Morocco.

But back in 1954 more than 50 medical journals had published articles saying that the four-minute mile was not humanly possible.  Doctors were warning athletes of the dire consequences to anyone who broke that unbreakable barrier.

It’s Never Too Late! By Zig Ziglar

In May of 1983, Helen Hill, age 95, received her high school diploma. She was absolutely ecstatic. When she finished high school 76 years earlier, she and her five classmates did not receive formal diplomas because the school was so much in debt they could not afford them.

When she received her belated diploma, Mrs. Hill was thrilled. Unfortunately, she was the only surviving member of the Class of 1907, so she could not share her joy and excitement with her former classmates. The message is clear: A disappointment of yesterday can turn into a delight for today. It’s never too late!

Be Committed to Keeping Your Personal and Professional Life in Balance by Denis Waitley

Denis WaitleyIt is so important to be living in prime time, rather than watching TV in prime time. On your way to success make certain you grow friendships, not just bank and mutual fund accounts.

Life is a collection of memories, not of material things. The Egyptian pharaohs were buried with all their treasures, and were mummified in hopes that they could enjoy their bounty in the next life. But we are only caretakers of possessions.

There is a big difference between standard of living and quality of life. Standard of living is based on income earned. Quality of life is the enjoyment of the millions of minutes in between accomplishments.

Optimism Helps By Zig Ziglar

Zig Ziglar motivational speaker and authorI’m truly fortunate because I am optimistic by nature. I might not spend my last two dollars to buy a money belt, but I am very optimistic about the future.

Dr. William Arthur Ward said that “the doors of opportunity are open to the optimist.  Gates of achievement swing wide for the person who sees infinite possibilities in the insignificant.”

Most of us would rather be around a person who sees hope in the future than one who sees nothing but trouble ahead. I’m talking about the kind of optimism which sees a solution in every problem, optimism that looks for the solution instead of concentrating on the problem.