Motivation and Education By Matthew Horne

We’ve all heard that speaker who gets us motivated towards accomplishing those things which have eluded us in life. After hearing empowering messages, we say things like “I’m really going to do it this time.” Or “Nothing will stand in my way!” In our minds we arrive at the track and our shoes are laced up tight as we approach the starting line of our new endeavor, only to find that very few people make it to the starting point because after the excitement fades we forget our reasoning for being on the track.

Become Everything You Are Capable of Becoming By Brian Tracy

Brian Tracy - Motivational speaker and authorThe turning point in my life came when I discovered the law of cause and effect, the great law of the universe, and human destiny. I learned that everything happens for a reason. I discovered that success is not an accident.

Failure is not an accident, either. I also discovered that people who are successful in any area usually are those who have learned the cause-and-effect relationship between what they want and how to get it.

Determine Your Personal Growth and Development Values…
To realize your full potential for personal and professional growth and development, begin with your values as they apply to your own abilities. As you know, your values are expressed in your words and actions.