Self Belief is the First Step to Greatness By Kieran Revell

“Success is not governed by colour, creed, age or orientation:  Success does not discriminate nor does it know boundaries.  It does however depend upon dreams, persistence and self-belief. The moment you lose confidence in yourself, failure will follow”

Each of us, irrespective of means or circumstance, strives for some aspect of greatness in our lives.  Each of us is a genius in some aspect of our existence.  There are things I can do brilliantly, which others cannot.  Similarly, there are things which others can do that I can’t.  These are the things which drive us to greatness and empower all aspects of our world.

The Audacity of Apollo by Jim Stovall

Sometimes, we have to peer into the dim recesses of the past to visualize how bright the future can be.

Most of us remember watching Neal Armstrong, live or on videotape, as he stepped onto the surface of the moon.  We remember that grainy, shadowy, black and white image as he assured us that it was one small step for man but a giant leap for mankind.

History has proven that Neal Armstrong was right, but if his small step for man took place in July of 1969, I would submit for your consideration that the giant leap for mankind took place on May 25, 1961–more than eight years before Neal Armstrong struggled down the ladder of the Apollo landing craft.