The Desperation Solution by Jim Stovall

You have probably heard it said that necessity is the mother of invention. If necessity is its mother, desperation must certainly have been its father.  Creative people often come up with breakthrough solutions only when they’re forced to.

Professors from the University of Chicago and Harvard determined that there is direct correlation between when unemployment runs out and when people get a job.  While desperation may be a great motivator, it’s not always the most productive way to perform with excellence.  I believe there is a win/win solution here as you and I — as mature, functioning people, can set our own deadlines.

Pure Positivity by Jim Stovall

All of us worry about having positive outcomes in our personal and professional lives. This worry stems from many sources, chief among them being the doubt surrounding our best efforts being good enough. All of us suffer from daydreams or nightmares of striving mightily and falling just short of the prize.

My late, great friend and mentor, John Wooden, was fond of saying, “Assume that your best is good enough.” Coach Wooden was far from an overoptimistic Pollyanna-filled dreamer. He was a realistic, down-to-earth man who achieved the highest goals imaginable by putting the right people in the right places and expecting them to perform at their best.

Fail Your Way To The Top By John Assaraf

Have you had a challenging day or week? Feel a little tired or discouraged with a current situation? Ready to throw in the towel and quit something?

Don’t worry. It’s very normal to go through times of feeling that something in life stinks and all there is to see and feel is the current mess.

Here is something neat to ponder during those times, though. When doing battle with discouraged feelings, take a look at this report and reflect on this man’s record of failure. It is a testament to how humans can learn and grow and win despite the losses and defeats.

Self Belief is the First Step to Greatness By Kieran Revell

“Success is not governed by colour, creed, age or orientation:  Success does not discriminate nor does it know boundaries.  It does however depend upon dreams, persistence and self-belief. The moment you lose confidence in yourself, failure will follow”

Each of us, irrespective of means or circumstance, strives for some aspect of greatness in our lives.  Each of us is a genius in some aspect of our existence.  There are things I can do brilliantly, which others cannot.  Similarly, there are things which others can do that I can’t.  These are the things which drive us to greatness and empower all aspects of our world.

Can You Handle the Boredom of Success? By Jim Rohrbach

“Genius is one per cent inspiration and ninety-nine per cent perspiration.” – Thomas Edison

What’s your idea of making it BIG? Do you hold some picture of how Donald Trump is portrayed in the media: living in a fabulous penthouse, washing down caviar with champagne before surf and turf, golfing/schmoozing/partying with the rich and famous every day, even having your own TV show? That’s what it’s all about … or so you think.

Persistence Grows Your Root System by Vic Johnson

Vic Johnson motivational speaker and author“The person of good and lawful purpose cannot fail. It only needs that he daily renew the fire and energy of his fixed resolve, to consummate his object.” – The Mastery of Destiny

It is the great equalizer for all of those reaching for success. It overcomes lack of education, money, talent, intelligence, looks and all other seeming advantages. President Calvin Coolidge said nothing could take its place: “Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent.”

Final Exam By Jim Stovall

I believe among the most valuable traits of any human being is the ability to honestly, objectively, and realistically assess themselves.

It is easy to look at friends, neighbors, and colleagues and judge their success in their personal or professional lives.

This ease in judging others comes from our tendency to look at everyone else’s actions and results while only viewing our own intentions.

We all start out with great intentions that can often become an excuse when we fail to perform.

Have You Been Verbed Yet? By Dewaker Basnet

Verb always inspires, for a verb is an action word. It is action that propels us to move mountains and tear seas apart.

It is action that motivates us to look forward to the next day with an eye of enthusiasm, passion and purpose. It is action that shifts our focus from “arm chair dude” to “get your hands dirty” dude.

If you just reflect on all the accomplishments that you have had in your life, 99% of them have been action oriented. Be it winning the hundred meters dash during your growing years, or the big corporate deal for your company wherein you spent days and nights preparing for the final presentation. It is action that gives each one of us the highest spirit of performance.

6 Vital Strategies to Limit Risk and Maximize Success By Robert Pagliarini

Robert PagliariniGet three strikes in baseball and you’re out. But what if that weren’t the case? What if you could swing and swing and swing without ever striking out?

I have a metal paperweight on my desk with the inscription, “What would you do if you could not fail?” It’s a nice ornament with a positive message, but over the past several years I’ve realized that it’s the wrong message. Anybody can fail at anything. It’s important to know that going in. A much better and more useful message would be, “What would you do if it didn’t matter if you failed?” To me, that’s much more realistic and powerful.

Visualize and Expect Success By Denis Waitley

Denis WaitleyOur studies of high achievers have shown that no matter how different their personalities, work habits, occupations or gender, the people who accomplish great things in life have visualized and expected success all along.

They’ve had the ability to vividly picture their achievements and to reassure themselves in the face of long odds that they would come through.

To visualize the person you want most to become, set aside some time this week in which you can create an atmosphere conducive to re-affirming your life dreams.