Why Discipline Is Better than Motivation for Your Success?

Motivation and Discipline equals SuccessFor you to succeed in any path or endeavor you wish to take, you need self-discipline. No matter how hardworking and motivated you are, without discipline, you will never be able to realize your goals and achieve success. It is one crucial attribute that you need in order to be the best in anything that you do and to have the right attitude and mindset to realize your goals.

Is discipline better than motivation for your success? The answer is yes!

How being homeless prepared me to mentor others to succeed in life

Adversity quote by Josh HindsTwo months before I graduated, I was homeless, and stayed that way for six months. This wasn’t the fault of anyone other than myself, as I was merely an 18-year old, naive young man struggling to find my place in the world.

My biological parents had divorced when I was three years old, and my father remarried once and my mother twice. With all of these abrupt changes, it is hardly surprising that my relationship with my stepparents was fractured at best, with rampant and sustained verbal and physical abuse.

Preparing for Vindication and How Not to Miss it

waterfall motivational quoteHave you ever had one of those “that was meant for me” moments?

For example, a book falls to the ground opening to something interesting or maybe the wind flips something to a certain page, and all of a sudden some word or a phrase catches your eye. But it doesn’t just catch your eye, it actually gives you a feeling that somehow someone was speaking directly to you.

The reason being is because it aligns so perfectly with everything you’re going through right now and basically, it’s exactly what you needed to hear.

5 Tips on How to Detect and Fight Against Your Biggest Motivation Killers

motivational quote about overcoming fear by Josh HindsYou have probably lost count of the number of times you have heard people say, “where there is a will, there is a way”. Though cliched, this statement holds the truth behind any commendable feat or accomplishment in a person’s life.

An achievement is worth taking note of when you are able to overcome massive hurdles along the path and reach the finishing line well ahead of the others. In order for you to carry that out, you require motivation of some sort.

3 Major Reasons You Need to Bounce Back

jumping for joyWhat makes someone get back in the game after they’ve been knocked off out their horse? And might I add, for the ka-zillionth time?

It seems like an endless cycle for many of us, including what I know from my own experiences. We may not understand why we have to go through the things we go through to get anywhere in life, but these challenges do cause us to question our reason for doing anything.

We might be asking ourselves, “Do our challenges ever stop, get easier, or do they get tougher the more we go along? Is there really that utopia and freedom we desire so much, or is it just an illusion designed to keep us fighting?”

Success Lesson: The Power of Pessimism

jim stovall For several decades, through these weekly columns that appear in newspapers, magazines, and online publications around the world as well as my books, movies, and speeches, I have endeavored to convince people that having a positive attitude, focusing their energy, and acting upon their motivations can bring positive results in their lives and the people around them.

My late, great colleague, mentor, and friend Zig Ziglar was fond of saying, “I’m an optimist. I would go after Moby Dick in a rowboat and take the tartar sauce with me.”

How I Overcame Fear – It Started with a Helicopter Ride

overcoming fear with a helicopter rideAnxieties come in all forms. I hate to fly. I refused to fly any more. I’m uncomfortable in large group settings and hate frivolous small talk, so I avoided both scenarios. When my black lab, my constant companion, passed away, I swore I’d never have another dog to save myself from the pain.

Evaluating my life and goals, I saw how each time I created a ‘rule’ designed to protect myself, I was instead creating a smaller and smaller circle to live in. I have a bucket list. The rules I created for myself began to choke my goals.

7 Things that Confirm You Are Doing What You Love

Robert de Brus - inspiring writerHave you ever heard the adage, “just throw a million ideas on the wall and see what sticks”?

Every business has its ups and downs. Some will kick off well from the start and others will not, but whether or not there is initial growth it’s ‘that thing’ you’re doing that’s going to determine whether or not you’re going to be able to sustain the long haul.

How to succeed through failure

Failure can lead to successFor many people, the idea of failure is simply not on their agenda. Not doing something the right way, or failing to get something right. It’s not something they can even comprehend. It’s the worst thing in the world to fail for some people.

It proves they aren’t invincible, that they simply aren’t good enough to do things anymore. When this kind of mentality forms, though, changing and progressing as a person soon becomes pretty impossible.