Preparing for Vindication and How Not to Miss it

waterfall motivational quoteHave you ever had one of those “that was meant for me” moments?

For example, a book falls to the ground opening to something interesting or maybe the wind flips something to a certain page, and all of a sudden some word or a phrase catches your eye. But it doesn’t just catch your eye, it actually gives you a feeling that somehow someone was speaking directly to you.

The reason being is because it aligns so perfectly with everything you’re going through right now and basically, it’s exactly what you needed to hear.

Call them coincidences if you want, but personally I don’t think they are. You’ll have to decide for yourself.

For me, I’m going to stick with the notion that there’s a reason for everything.

I’ve had a few of these incidents that stick out the most in my life, and some are more impactful than others.

The most recent one was when I was getting out of the shower just after a run. I had been under so much pressure; things were falling in all directions and basically shutting down one by one. I felt like I was nearing my worst.

That whole morning and including while I was in the shower the quote that kept playing in the back of my mind was by Shannon L. Alder, “You will face your greatest opposition when you are closest to your biggest miracle.”

Then all of a sudden I noticed the word “Vindication” on a piece paper on the bathroom sink and at the same my phone lit up with someone’s passing tweet or status saying, “Prepare for…”

My mind decided to connect the dots and it was like a “Wow that was meant for me!” moment. I felt great that entire morning and knew something was coming around the corner.

But the truth is, no matter you think about coincidences vindication is coming no matter what. It’s coming for you, for him, for her, for me, and for everybody.

The biggest question really is, “are you going to be ready for it when it does come?”

Most people are not. Opportunities pass us by on a daily basis and we’re never ready for it, or are even ready to recognize that it actually was an opportunity.

Think about what you do now and ask yourself if there was a given point in your life where you would have not recognized, let alone be ready for what you’re currently doing if it were presented to you then.

Oh my goodness I can think of countless things regarding my own life. Especially with me being a coach, writer, and speaker I would have never been ready for this opportunity had this been presented to me 20 years ago. No way!

Not even 10 years was I equipped to do what I’m doing now. And if I stretched that even closer, I would say that even though I was already coaching 5 years ago, I was not ready to coach for struggling and unemployable entrepreneurs 5 years ago.

I had to go through my seasons and realize that everything I’m doing is an opportunity to prepare for whatever is next.

I realized vindication is trying to happen for me all the time. It’s there, it’s here, it’s everywhere, and I’m always wondering now what I could be currently missing out on that’s right in front of me because I’m not ready for it.

You have opportunities that are in front of you right this very moment, and it’s possible that you don’t see it because you’re not ready or prepared to see it. And even if you could see it, to act on it might be to your demise because you have not prepared enough.

I acted on speaking several years ago but struggled with my delivery. My message wasn’t strong enough, and my passion was not as authentic as it needed to be.

Now, I’m readier than ever and it’s taken the linking of arms with great coaches and mentors to help me see that potential I needed to prepare more in, and once I did, I became unstoppable.

Here is what’s real. My vindication is here, and yours is too. You might just need a new perspective so you too can become unstoppable.

Seek preparation, live preparation, always be in preparation, and you’re going to always be ready for the great things that show up right on time.
Robert de Brus reignites the unemployable entrepreneur towards re-claiming their freedom.

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