Seeking Greener Pastures – Making Decisions Before Crossing The Other Side

Greener pastures. These words draw into mind the promise of something better that lies ahead. This brings the possibility of changing lives and fulfilling something that we’ve always dreamed of. But come to think of it, is it always greener on the other side? Will getting over the other side of life make us happy and fulfilled?

Personally, I have learned that it’s okay to aim for something better, to go forward and pursue the “greener pastures”. But this should be done considering the situation and analyzing the consequences as well. In life, I’ve made rash decisions, in the hopes that things will turn out for the best. More often than not, these snap decisions led to consequences that I have to put up with.

These consequences may be called “mistakes”, and yes, I’ve beaten myself up when things don’t go as planned. But as time passes, I learned that mistakes can serve as a guide to help you learn and grow wiser. It’s about turning it right side up and finding the proverbial silver lining within the dark clouds of life.

What have I learned so far in trying to pursue greener pastures? Is it really worth going over to the “other side”?

Here are some thoughts:

1. Analyze the present situation and the consequences that will come with a life-changing decision.

Sometimes, we just feel that we really have to make some changes in our lives, because we want to make our situation a bit different, with the hopes that it will be better in the end. Nothing’s wrong with wanting to change the situation, knowing that we can control some things within our reach.

What we can’t control, though, are the consequences that will happen when we finally make a deal to that life-altering decision. We should be prepared to accept the things that will come afterwards. Crossing over to seek greener pastures mean taking risks and being strong, even if we realize that new pastures doesn’t always mean having greener grass. Making use of the present circumstance and turning it to our advantage can help us thrive in the midst of uncertainty.

2. Make a decision and stick to it.

The ability to make decisions and to live by it isn’t something that everyone can deal with. It’s not yet too late for us to strengthen our decision-making quotient. When faced with a major decision, it’s alright to listen to the opinion of others.

But at the end of the day, we make our own decisions using our own knowledge and understanding. We learn to weigh different factors and come up with something definite. Delaying decisions is indeed normal, but not for too long to the point that opportunities will pass us by.

Decision making is a trial-and-error process. Choosing our own paths based on decisions may not always lead to the right results. But it’s still worth giving a try.

3. Be prepared to face the consequences.

After much thought and deliberation, the next step would be to make that decision to cross over the other side and seek greener pastures. This may come in the form of different situations, like getting married, moving to another city, having a new job, or shifting careers. Such life-changing decisions can be exciting and scary at the same time.

It’s either things go our way or something comes up and changes the course of our lives in a not-so-good way. Whatever happens, both negative and positive situations that comes with a life changing decision means that there is always room for growth. Looking at life from both sides will help us see the larger perspective of it all, and this can be used for character development.

So, is the pasture always greener on the other side? It’s up to us to determine what we think are greener pastures. Making decisions is never easy, but what’s worse is when we choose to remain stagnant and not move forward.

Even with all the uncertainties of life, seeking for what lies ahead will help us grow. We’ll never know our own strength until we begin the step towards change and self-realization.
Abby Ross is a college student and part-time freelance writer for She likes to read books with a cup of coffee by her side. Connect with her on Google+