Four Ways To Enter The New Year At A Full Gallop

Wouldn’t it be easy to just “call it a year”? I mean, after all, with only one month to go, and all of the holiday treats, parties, and distractions, wouldn’t it be nice to just kind of coast the month of December and lazily slide into 2014?

You’ve worked hard all year and you “deserve a holiday break” right?

That’s EXACTLY what your competition is hoping you’ll do! They know that while you are letting your momentum wain, they will be attacking the year end and hitting 2014 in full tilt. By the time you get things going again in mid January, they will be so far out in front, that you’ll spend all of 2014 eating their dust! Not “But Corey, December seems like such a ‘mess’! How do I stay organized, keep my momentum, and yet still enjoy the holidays?”

Great question! In 2013 I went to Darren Hardy’s High Performance Summit in San Diego, and wore out my writing hand taking notes from Brendon Burchard’s High Performance Academy DVD Series. As a result of what I learned from these two programs, this is my 4 step plan for hitting 2014 at full stride.

1) Block time! High performers block time for everything that matters to them and commit to that time just as if their most important ever client was coming to their office. They block family time first and turn off their computers, phones, and tablet devices during that time. They block time for workouts second, because they know that to get the best results, they need to take the best care of themselves. Finally, they treat their “work blocks” with the same care as they treat their “family blocks”. This allows them to be at work all the while they are at work, and fully present with their loved ones when they are not, because they know their work is done.

2) Boil down your inner circle list to the 12 or so people that you’ve had the best connections with this year. Darren Hardy says that all of the world’s top achievers work within a tight group of 12-24 key contacts. You cannot have close relationships and meaningful partnerships with more than that. Make a solid list of the people you really want on “your team” in 2014.

3) Love up on your list. In the spirit of the holidays go ahead and find ways to truly add real heartfelt value to your family, your friends, and your 12 key contacts. The positive energy you generate will carry you over the finish line on December 31, and have you totally psyched up to end next year in the same way.

4) Resolve to make holiday “treats” just that. Whenever you indulge in the pleasures of the holiday season, make them REWARDS for an extra hard workout, or for accomplishing a string of challenging goals. Always know that you aren’t digging deeper into the holiday “traps”, but instead you are “loving up on YOURSELF” for a job well done!

Wouldn’t your year end be spectacular if you put my four part plan into place? I look forward to what 2014 has to offer me, and I plan to “OFFER IT” the best of myself by taking advantage of what I’ve learned from Brendon, Darren, and the other high performers who have helped make 2013 my best year ever!
Corey Jahnke is an author, speaker, and online marketing consultant who in his spare time works 42 hours a week as a retail pharmacist for an enormous company. Corey delights in helping others reach their goals and lives by the mantra “We Are Not Here On Rehearsal”. Visit Corey on Twitter