Success Tip: Effective Calendar Management Tips

Michelle PrinceThere are many articles on effective calendar management available. Here are some highlights that may help you plan your time more effectively.

1 – Plan Your Day

Before you even leave your office/desk and the end of your day take a few minutes to schedule your time for tomorrow. Remember to block out time for meals and exercise.

2 – Meetings

If you have a commitment to regular business meetings or family activities schedule them throughout the year at one setting. You can then plan your time around them.

3 – Travel

If meetings or activities involve travel time don’t forget to add that to your calendar as well. You can use this time to make brief phone calls, perhaps make some audible notes or dictate emails or letters for later in your day. (Hands free recorders and headsets are priceless for these activities.)

4 – Meeting / Activity Follow Ups

Block out time for any follow up tasks that might be generated during your meeting or activity such as sending out email thank yours, providing information that was requested, scheduling another meeting or activity in the future, update your notes while the information is still fresh in your mind.

5 – Regular Tasks

If you have weekly or monthly tasks such as a project report, newsletter or other activity schedule it. Don’t leave it to chance. If it’s on your calendar you lessen the chance of procrastinating.

6 – Me Time

Along with meals and daily exercise plan your yearly vacation in advance. Plan for holidays too. This will give you the opportunity to make sure someone is available to cover for you in your absence.

7 – Have A Backup

If you have a paper calendar management system consider photocopying it once in a while for a backup. If you have a digital system, back it up.

8 – Color Coding

Color coding can give you a quick visual of your day. Based on your preference choose a color for meetings, phone calls, travel time, free time, etc.

9 – Prioritize

Take 15 minutes at the beginning of your day to review your to-do list. Make a priority list of the top tasks that need your immediate attention. With your calendar in front of you you can see just how much time you can devote to working on the priorities of your day.

10 – Emails

So much time can be eaten up by just reviewing emails. Disable any email notifications on your computer and phone. Schedule time twice a day to review and reply to your emails. Typically that’s all that’s needed.
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