Success Lesson: Vibration is infectious

I think we have all been there, standing in line at a local restaurant, waiting for our children at their school, checking out at the local grocery store, being patient in one of the “big box” stores while doing our Christmas shopping, or even at a traffic light, driving down the highway, walking your dog, and getting your morning java at your favorite coffee shop. The possibilities of where this happen are truly endless.

What is “this” you might ask, “this” is catching someone’s attitude, someone’s positive vibration. Now of course this works both for positive vibrations and the not so positive. For this article we prefer to discuss the positive.

You know exactly what we are saying, you have been there. Driving to work early in the morning and you see someone in your review mirror .just singing their head off. You keep looking back, almost as if you are trying to see what they are singing. Maybe you start tuning the radio station to see if you can find what show they are listening to and think to yourself -man I wish I was in that mood- the funny thing is that before you know it, that person has made you smile and actually changed your mood, what road you continue with that new found vibration is up to you.

Maybe you are out for a walk and you run across someone walking their dog. If you are a dog lover like me, you stop and chat for a moment just so you can pet the little critter and just soak in the dogs loving and infectious nature. You pet the dog as they wag their tail and even though the dog really doesn’t know you, it shows you what seems to be unconditional love.

Possibly you are at your local coffee shop and there is someone that just has that vibe standing behind the counter, you know that pizzazz that you feel the second you see them in action. When you get up to the counter they greet you with a big smile and ask how are you doing this morning. You answer with the usual “good and how are you”, they come back with something like the ” I’m amazing thank you, any better and I’d be two” not only do they have pizzazz, that person is alive, vibrant, and with that vibration sent your way, their energy changes your mood for that moment.

What does all this mean? Well that part is the key and sometimes the most difficult…

Part to truly take away everyday. When we face a person, situation, or moment in time that changes our vibration to a higher level, a higher plane if you will. We feel better, it wakes us up to the realization that we are happier than we are choosing to believe in that moment. The big choice is what we do with that moment! What we do with that feeling and how long we hold onto it!

That my friend is up to the beholder, YOU! It is like the scene in the hit movie trilogy The Matrix where Neo is facing the door and Morpheus is standing with him when he is on the way to see the oracle. When Morpheus stops at the door, he looks at Neo and says “I can only show you the door, you must walk through it” — these people that you come across in your daily routine are the door and what you choose to do with the vibration they send your way is up to you. Are you going to walk through the door or just stand there and think of what could have been?

Smile no matter what and if someone asks how you are doing today, look at them put on the biggest toothy smile you can muster and say “I’m awesome today, any better and I’d be two” another good one that I like to say as well is ” I am awesome today, funny thing is my bad days are better than most people’s good days”

Enjoy every precious moment and seize that WOO, that window of opportunity. Change your vibration!
Dan Deigan serves as an inspiration to others. His energy, passion, and “laugh” are infectious. He is a devoted Husband, father, and the founder of Little Conversations Today. Dan is devoted to making not only a shift but a dynamic shift in the world today. He lives everyday with this belief: “Impossible is just an opinion”

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