The Power Of Focus! By Lisa Jimenez

Lisa Jimenez - motivation and success expertRemember when the “experts” told us that the key to success was multi-tasking?

It was a lie!

I bought into the whole philosophy of doing ten things at once. Check my emails while answering the phone, listen to my son while he tells me about his day, write a marketing letter in my head, wonder if I sent that proposal, shoot up a quick prayer, practice the speech I’m presenting next week, return an IM, all while I’m visualizing my dream life!

Ha! It was insanity. And it was keeping me from a breakthrough success.

Does your life look like a gyroscope, spinning around at a frantic pace but not experiencing completion and a real presence of power?

Busyness is the enemy that keeps you from a life of power!

Think of it scientifically. We all know that diffused light has little impact. But when you focus its energy, you have a profound impact.

A magnifying glass harnesses the power of the suns rays and can set a piece of grass on fire. (Or if you had older brothers like me — cause an ant to explode!)

A laser beam is focused energy that can cut through steel.

That’s the power of focused energy!

Now, apply this principle of focused energy to your life. Diffused energy (busyness and aimless distractions) has little power or impact. But when you concentrate your energy by focusing it, you have created a laser beam of power.

But guess what?

Most people are afraid of that power. That’s why they continue to live a life of busyness and aimless distraction — so they won’t ever have to come into their true brilliance.

Don’t let that be you! It’s time to be different. It’s time to own your power and let yourself BE genius!

If you know in your heart that you were born for more and you realize you’ve been holding yourself back with aimless actions, busyness and lack of focus; stop it now! Just stop it and begin honoring your work space, your actions and your brilliance.

Remember back to the days when you were five years old? You lived in the world you wanted to create. If you wanted to be a fire fighter, you were one — right then at that moment! If you wanted to be in Africa, you were — right then at that moment! You created your perfect world instantaneously.

This ability to use your imagination was your first experience of the power of focus. You still have that power. You just have to give yourself permission to tap into it.

What would your life look like this week if you chose to focus your energy?

Instead of checking Facebook AND talking to a prospect, you were completely focused on the prospect and listened generously.

Instead of answering the phone AND writing a sales letter, you had single focus on the writing and let the phone go to voice mail.

Instead of multi-tasking, you chose to focus your energy on ONE task until it is completed.

What would your results be at the end of each day?

You can just imagine what you’d get accomplished! That sales letter would be written and sent out. That prospect would have all they need to make an educated decision. That friend, lover and child would feel they are really loved. That closet, garage, office would be organized and free of clutter.

And more importantly, you can just imagine how you would “feel” about yourself, your business and your life…

You would feel accomplished, powerful, brilliant, loving and…


You are the one who gives yourself permission to be successful and choose to focus your energy like a laser beam! Have a fun tapping into your brilliant, focused energy this week.

Here’s to your success,
Lisa Jimenez
Lisa Jimenez, M.Ed., has helped thousands of top salespeople shatter their self-limiting beliefs and finally get the breakthrough success they want. When it comes to personal productivity and creating unstoppable momentum — there is no one better for your salespeople than Lisa. Click here for business building success resources by Lisa Jimenez.

-What areas could you better give focus to? And more importantly, what are you waiting for? Use the comments below to share your thoughts.

Josh’s Success Tip: In the moment you realize you should be doing something — you can begin to do just that, provided you make the choice to do so! … It’s your life, LIVE BIG! Josh Hinds