Have You Been Verbed Yet? By Dewaker Basnet

Verb always inspires, for a verb is an action word. It is action that propels us to move mountains and tear seas apart.

It is action that motivates us to look forward to the next day with an eye of enthusiasm, passion and purpose. It is action that shifts our focus from “arm chair dude” to “get your hands dirty” dude.

If you just reflect on all the accomplishments that you have had in your life, 99% of them have been action oriented. Be it winning the hundred meters dash during your growing years, or the big corporate deal for your company wherein you spent days and nights preparing for the final presentation. It is action that gives each one of us the highest spirit of performance.

Why do we relate so much to sports? Because, we see unbridled passion, excitement, enthusiasm, focus, togetherness, all packaged and given to us in the form of raw action. Now that was the verb part.

As we progress, we are looking at accomplishing as much as we can in the quickest of time. Competition is non-optional. You have to be in the line of duty to perform. In such cases, you have not much of a choice but to give your best shot in whatever you do in the quickest of time. Speed with precision is the call of the times.

Thereby, I have taken the liberty to move a step ahead and introduce to you a word — Verbed! What is it? Verbed is “accelerated action.” You need to stay verbed to remain competitive in the race. When others are trying to grasp the nuances of the subject, you should endeavor to be ready with three probable answers. You should be inspired enough to take immediate action and try to show results with precision at the quickest of times.

That is accelerated action. In any sphere you are in, try to look at how you could complete any given task in the quickest of times and with great precision. So this year and every passing year, let the motto of your existence be “Verbed.”
Dewaker Basnet is a leadership and personality development consultant based out of India. He is the founder director of 24hoursinspired which facilitates leadership and personality development workshops that inspires youngsters to become the leaders of tomorrow.

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