Top Five Action Steps To Get You Moving In The Right Direction By Randy Taylor

1) Persistence – Persistence is the fuel that gets done what needs to be done everyday. Persistence comes to us from two sources; either from passion or from persistence itself.

The motivation from persistence itself shows up when you are driven to continue to grow and learn and reach higher on the days when the motivation has waned.

One way to ensure that you are focused everyday is to simply change your philosophy of how you view the day itself. Most of us begin our day with a things to do list. What may prove to be more effective is to create a daily TTWGD list. This stand for; THINGS THAT WILL GET DONE! This simple change of philosophy will create the mindset to complete ALL activities on your list everyday.

The activities you plan for each day should be viewed exactly as you do appointments with clients or management or family or friends. You would likely never consider not showing up for an appointment with another person. Keep every appointment you make, especially those with yourself. Developing this mindset will drive the persistence necessary to have a good day everyday.

2) TGIF? For most the battle cry goes out every Friday. Think of how much weight and anticipation and happiness is related to Fridays. Of course it spells the beginning of the weekend; for many a reprieve from the workweek and a time of rest and recharging.

The stunning reality is that life is so short and time moves quickly for us all that we lose focus on so many other precious days. Consider this: we are given exactly the same number of Mondays, as we are Fridays.

Looking back one day from our end of life perspective I wonder what we would give to go back to some of those Mondays we tossed aside and wring every ounce of life from them we could. Live in the moment. Cherish everyday and live with a sense of curiosity of what every day can bring.

3) Elite Performers – To have what the masters have, do what the masters do. It is easy to sit back and watch the great success of others and then wonder why it is not happening for us. Many times the focus, dedication and work ethic is greatly overlooked.

Through the media we tend to take in only snapshots of situations including examples of success. We are lead to believe that it happened for them in the blink of an eye with little or no effort.

If you strive to emulate the success of others, take the time to study what they did, the effort it took and the sacrifices they made to rise to where they are today. Mirror the effort and reap the reward.

4) Building relationships – Today is the day when everything is possible. One of the most powerful affects you can have on your career and personal life is through the connections you make and the relationships you build.

The key to building relationships and to securing clients comes through making others feel like they matter. Take the time to focus on what others are saying and what they are asking.

Listening and responding to what others care about will let them know they matter. Everyone wants to matter, and when you make that your prime intention with others they will appreciate your caring and respond in kind.

5) Health is the key to growth – Jim Rohn once said, “You can’t do well if you don’t feel well.” Having the energy, vitality and strength everyday requires more than just the mental commitment to succeed. Having the physical energy to carry out your daily tasks to reach your goal is overlooked more and more in today’s frenetic world.

Stress continues to play a major role in both mental and physical health and too often the most basic remedy for us all is overlooked. Through proper diet, exercise and meditation we all have the tools at our disposal for optimal health. You have no doubt heard the saying, “Your body is your temple.”

Take the time and think about this carefully for a moment. It’s true. How well are you treating your temple? What fuel are you putting into it everyday and how often are you giving it the exercise it needs or the stress reducing affects of meditation?

Health is the great equalizer. When we have it, it goes unnoticed. When we lose it there is nothing to equal its value. Make certain to include a health regiment into your daily plan. Few areas of personal growth will offer the payoff that tending to your body and mind will.
Randy Taylor is an expert in the area of personal growth and leadership. Through his own personal experiences he has developed a dynamic new leadership philosophy and written a book of the same name called “Life Before Can’t”. Visit Randy at

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