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Things Don't Always Follow A Timeline
By Josh Hinds

Josh Hinds - Speaker, Author, Entrepreneur I've often thought what a shame it is that personal success doesn't always adhere to a stricter timeline. If it did I'm convinced that there would be far more folks experiencing personal satisfaction and success...

Take heart though. By keeping careful track of our goals as we achieve them we can use our "little triumphs" to our advantage. It really doesn't so much matter how specifically you track them, whether in a fancy journal or a plain old notebook! The important thing is that you write them down!

What this does is provides us with needed fuel and re-energizes us during those times when we feel we're not making ample progress...

- It's your life, LIVE BIG! Josh Hinds


* Josh Hinds is the author of Why Perfect Timing is a Myth: Tips for Staying Inspired and Motivated Day in and Day out!, It's Your Life, Live BIG, and Motivational Quotes for Living BIG...

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