It’s Your Duty to Fully Develop Your Unique Talents and Gifts By Josh Hinds

I’m often asked how I came to have such a positive outlook on things. First, let me assure you, I have my moments where my rose colored glasses are a bit dimmer then I’d like them to be.

That said, I do make a point to see the positive side of life whenever possible (and yes, I do believe, from my own life experience, and studying the lives of many others through the work I do that it’s a choice we make). Depending on what each individual person has gone through in their life, perhaps an easier choice then for some, but a choice none the less.

That said…

There are any number of things I do, and have done over the years to help me remain focused on the good things which life affords us, but if I had to key in on one thing that laid a foundation for my positive outlook, I believe I would have to point to how fortunate I was, from as early as I can remember, to have heard my mother say to me, “Josh, you have unique GOD given talents and gifts — but it’s up to you to explore those and develop them to the best of your ability.” Sometimes I heard it just like that, other times it took a different form, but the message, the powerful meaning of the message was always the same.

If you know my story you know that I’ve had my share of adversities and challenges. Friend, I can say without a doubt that having that important foundation in place — having fully accepted that I had unique talents, that I was not only capable of developing, but that I in-fact was expected to fully develop, helped me tremendously in having the fortitude to move past life’s challenges as they appeared, knowing that I had in me, or was capable of acquiring whatever skills I needed in order to accomplish my greater good.

If you were lucky to have had a similar such gift from people in your life, those who took the time to encourage you, take a moment to appreciate it in full. Not everyone is so lucky.

If you’re not fortunate to have had the type of positive influence I’ve outlined above, first, allow me to assure you, it’s true for you as well. If you’ve never heard it before, well congratulations, you have now, and as such you have the duty to fully develop your own gifts and talents — not partially, but to the absolute best of your ability. And don’t think you get a pass either, because you are just now being tasked with the idea of getting on with uncovering your talents.

The point isn’t when you find out — as much as that when you do, you get on with the most important task of doing what’s necessary to fully make use of those incredible gifts and talents which GOD has loaned to you. Friend, as you begin to fully develop your talents you will inevitably begin to experience a deep fulfillment for having done so. It’s quite the rush.

By the way, I understand that you may not subscribe to what I’m suggesting here – that’s fine. We’re all entitled to our own beliefs – I appreciate that we’re all individuals and have varying views. I’m not here to change your personal belief system, rather I’m sharing with you my own experience knowing full well that you can either agree or disagree — that said, I know what I believe and know what I’ve seen play out time, and time again, and yes, in case you’re wondering I have also seen it play out in the lives of those who starting out didn’t believe they had any special gifts in the least, yet in time as they went about being open to the idea, and working to develop them came to believe because the truth in the idea played out before their very eyes.

In summary, if what I’ve shared here with you is a new concept, that’s OK, but don’t put off the idea that you’ve got greatness in you and as you begin the ongoing journey of living out your greatness through your commitment to developing those truly special gifts and talents which were entrusted to you you will be better for it.

Also, be conscious of the opportunity, and when necessary create those opportunities, to encourage others by letting them know that they too have their own GOD given abilities, which they have been entrusted with to fully develop and share with the world. All sorts of powerful things happen when you encourage others in this way — and that I can tell you as it is something I’ve seen play out beyond my wildest dreams through the work I do — not the least of which is an incredible sense of fulfillment that you simply can’t put a price tag on.

It’s your life, LIVE BIG!
Josh Hinds

* Josh is the author of Why Perfect Timing is a Myth: Tips for Staying Inspired and Motivated Day in and Day out! and It’s Your Life, LIVE BIG!