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This interview addresses an issue that may be touchy for some, but nevertheless a reality for so many of us. It's procrastination. We sat down with Dr. Neil Fiore in an AudioMotivation interview to discuss the topic.

Dr. Fiore provides his audiences and his one-on-one coaching and therapy clients with practical tools for overcoming procrastination and workaholism, managing stress, and increasing joy and balance in their lives.

AudioMotivation: Procrastination is such a common thing, and people don't like to admit it but there are just so many of us who procrastinate, and I am one of them. And your book gets into overcoming that, correct?

Neil Fiore: Yes, and I now have CDs with the Hypnosis Network that focus on productivity. In fact that has always been my view actually, rather than focusing on the problem with procrastination, focus on what to do about it, so it is a question of how to become productive, how to maintain mental toughness, and when you are productive, when you are working in a zone, when you have tapped into a flow state, things are moving faster and procrastination is hardly a problem.

So all of us, indeed including myself, need to get back to the basics when we are procrastinating on all sorts of things that we don't like to do.

As I always say, at least 25% of any job involves some things we don't like to do and it makes a lot more sense to choose to start on something rather than telling yourself I have to do something I don't want to do, just as it would be counterproductive and depressing to constantly say something like, "I have to get a root canal."

It is going to be unpleasant, maybe, certainly I can choose it and by choosing it I can lessen the pain and optimize my opportunity and I can cut off the stress response. "I choose" is very different from "I want" or "I have to".

So the statements of a productive person, a producer, should be: "I choose to start on one small step and I am going to do it humanly rather than perfectly and I have plenty of time to play, guilt free play, because I have already started on the work and I can now really reward myself with guilt free play."

AudioMotivation: That sounds like a great way to overcome that. You did mention the Hypnosis Network so now tell us a little bit more about what you are doing with that.

Neil Fiore: Well it is just a fabulous organization that I joined last year and I think it was because I don't know many commercial ventures that are so concerned about the consumer. They have taken some of the best people that I know in the area of clinical hypnosis and that means either a licensed therapist, psychotherapist, psychologist, mostly who have been trained thoroughly in the areas of therapy and hypnosis, to produce tapes about practical things to do in your life using self hypnosis and listening to these CDs so your conscious mind does not have the struggle.

AudioMotivation: I was very impressed with this in their web site so I am enjoying doing now five CDs with them. Four of them are on productivity and engineering and one is on mental toughness.

Neil Fiore: We have some great reviews and some great feedback on people just finding themselves successful in overcoming blocks and moving on to higher productivity and working in a zone where things come more easily and creatively to you, and you're jumping over all obstacles in actually a giant leap because you are using more of your brain cell power, you're linking left brain with right brain and basically that is what hypnosis is.

It is having access to your subconscious mind and the right hemisphere of your brain so you are not leaving your ego in your conscious mind out there alone struggling using the same old counterproductive coping tendencies.

AudioMotivation: And once you tap into that it really opens the floodgates of opportunities to improve yourself.

Neil Fiore: It does, because when you learn this way of connecting your ego in your conscious mind with your larger brain, things become fun and it's back to being a four year old.

I often use that example and say if you come up to a four-year-old that does not have his or her ego separated from the inner genius of the rest of their brain and hasn't fully separated from the right hemisphere yet and you asked that child "how did you do that?" he or she will say "I don't know it was easy, it just comes to me," and it is that kind of excitement and connection with "something will come to me, I expect a surprise" and I go from not knowing to knowing without any embarrassment and I don't need to know everything right away, I don't even have to know how I do it.

To put an end to procrastination in your life with Neil Fiore's Hypnosis Network program.

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