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John Assaraf

John Assaraf, featured in the Secret Josh Hinds: John, could you give everyone some insight into what you do for those aren't yet familiar with you.

John Assaraf: Sure Josh. First and foremost I'm a great dad. Next, I love to start and grow companies that really have positive impacts on both employees, customers and me.

Josh Hinds: You've got a pretty amazing story John. Can you share that with us? Taking us along the path from where you started to where you are now.

John Assaraf: My life was a total mess in my early teens and I got caught up in street gangs. I should have been in jail or dead. In my early 20's I developed bleeding ulcers in my colon and was taking 25 pills a day and doing cortisone enemas twice a day.

I survived a fatal car crash that took me months to recover from and I've been divorced twice. Lets also add that I've been in so much debt I couldn't even pay attention!

Today I have been blessed to have earned millions of dollars having built a couple of companies. One of which I still own and has over 1400 sales associates who sell over 4 billion a year in real estate. I finally have an awesome life partner and two amazing kids to share it with and I am enjoying excellent health and I'm very spiritually balanced.

I've been in the school of hard knocks and what I discovered and learned in the last 20 years is how to turn around and beat any battle life hands you no matter what color, age or race you are.

Josh Hinds: You're referred to as The Street Kid, why is that? And why is it something you've chosen actually brand yourself with?

John Assaraf: The street kid name came from the time I spent on the streets and also to suggest an image of no fluff no bull thinking and behavior. It is getting great branding which is what I really wanted.

Josh Hinds: You're the author of "The Street Kids Guide To Having It All". Can you touch on the ideas in the book? What are some key things that you believe will benefit the reader. You also, mention it being a series of books. Can you share any future titles we can look for to appear in the series?

John Assaraf: The book is an inspirational guide that anyone can learn from and follow. It is the best practical lessons I've learned about the mind, peak human performance, the natural laws that make it all happen and my formula for achieving outstanding success in each area of life.

I've also included all the forms I created to be on purpose in each area of my life. The book can be read in about 90 minutes or one can really dig in and start to create a masterpiece by following the ideas in it. I like things to be really simple so I wrote it that way. Here are a few of the things people will learn...

* Learn to use the seven natural laws to help you achieve success.

* Understand how to apply your six intellectual functions

* Develop and utilize the seven-power factors highly successful people use.

* Apply the most advanced techniques world-class athletes and entrepreneurs use to uncover and eliminate mental obstacles.

* Utilize the Life Design Matrix to pinpoint and design the exact life you truly want.

* Tap into and harness nature's unlimited intelligence and energy.

* Use the power of your subconscious mind to develop empowering success habits.

Josh Hinds: John, how important has goal setting been in your life? What have you found to be the best techniques to ensure you reach the goals you set for yourself?

John Assaraf: Without written goals people just have open wishes. The successful people I know ALL have targets they are aiming for that are very specific and concrete.

I write my goals down yearly with actionable steps for each area of my life, I visualize and meditate on them daily, and I review them weekly to ensure I am on target.

If your life is worth living... it's worth planning!

Josh Hinds: If you had to narrow it down to just one, what would you say is your #1 personal success principle?

John Assaraf: ACTION! you cannot build a respectable net worth, company, family, or health, with what you are about to do. Get busy!

Josh Hinds: What do you consider to be your 3 greatest achievements?

John Assaraf: 1. Being the committed dad I promised myself I would be and raising Keenan and Noah-my champions.

2. Breaking free from a petty life of mediocrity and becoming a respectable and loved human.

3. Helping others realize and see how powerful and perfect GOD made us.

Josh Hinds: John, what do you consider to be the 3 key things you have done to take your business to the level you're at now? And what are some key mistakes you see others not doing, that they should be implementing.

John Assaraf: 1st - I am a copycat - I start with the best info, best people, and I make it better.

2nd - focus immediately on revenue and taking great care of your people and customers. Make them all raving fans.

3rd - Do what you say you are going to do and do it really well.

4th - (My Choice) - I am afraid at times to try new things because of fear.....I DO IT ANYWAY!

Josh Hinds: Thanks for taking to the time do the interview John. Please let everyone know the best way to contact you.

John Assaraf: Thanks Josh and friends, I can be reached at


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