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Model Yourself After the Best Individuals, Who Have Proven Their Success Over Time
by Denis Waitley

Do this by benchmarking the world’s most admired organizations and people in and out of your industry. Hewlett-Packard sends teams of two to four managers to meet with peers in other companies. After exchanging ideas about leadership and organizational practices, the benchmarking teams exchange comments.

If you want to become or stay the best, you must know more than what your competitors are up to.

You must know the best business practices, wherever they exist. It’s a good idea to read business magazines to keep current on what the real movers and shakers are doing globally.

Action Idea: This month, read a biography of someone you admire who has overcome great hurdles to become successful. When you learn what many of them had to endure, you are less overwhelmed by the obstacles you face. Every hardship you face has been endured and conquered by someone before you.
Denis Waitley is a leading motivational speaker and peak performance expert. He is the author of The Seeds of Greatness

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